The Backbone of Corporate Identity Branding

Nothing says ‘change’ like a new year, and nothing transforms a life quite like starting your own business. Immediate needs include both a corporate logo design and a corporate brochure design, both of which have a lot riding on them. Creating a corporate identity design that will register with customers can be tedious and stressful, but, HOW Design is here to help.

Inside is offering one of our most popular books at 50 percent off (just $20!) – The Logo Brainstorm Book by Jim Krause. Logos are the foundation of corporate branding from image to color. The Logo Brainstorm Book strips away the emotion of corporate identity branding, providing the fundamentals of corporate graphic design with 304 packed pages of corporate branding examples. The best corporate design requires several components and Krause delivers the information on symbols, monograms, typographic logos, type + symbols combined, emblems, color, and more! This book covers all areas of logo design and translates it across platforms. Need some corporate web design inspiration? Then The Logo Brainstorm Book is for you.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to jump start your life and career. Corporate graphic design is a segment of the industry that covers different areas of creative work. Unleash your creativity. New business owners are waiting.



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