6 Reasons to Enter the HOW International Design Awards

international designIf you’ve been following HOW on social media or via email lately, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the HOW International Design Awards—a prestigious and extraordinary international design competition that spans the entire globe.

So, yeah, you know what it is. But why should you enter? Here are a few good reasons:

1. Your work will earn global recognition no matter what kind of designer you are or where you’re from.

HOW’s audience includes hundreds of thousands of creatives from Mumbai to Bangkok, from New York City to Sydney. The work of these designers includes branding campaigns, photography, web designs, poster designs, book cover designs, creative advertisements, infographics, videos and more! The sky is the limit.

2. You’ll be recognized alongside countless top international designers across the world.

The HOW International Design Awards recognized designers from all parts of the world. We’ve had winners from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Australia, the United States and more. See your work among that of the best designers in the entire world!

12989+footer-01Among those designers are our esteemed competition judges, Stüssy Tschudin, Matteo Bologna and Hector Ayuso. Meet the judges here.

3. We’ll publish your work in HOW Magazine and on HOWDesign.com.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but HOW has an audience of hundreds of thousands. Not only will you be featured in the prestigious HOW International Design Annual AND in our online gallery, you’ll also very likely have your work plastered everywhere for our audience to see.

Slideshow: Outstanding Achievement Winners

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5. The past International Design Award winners are thrilled to have been recognized.

From the 2013 HOW International Design Competition Best Of Show Winner: MyBurger, Bruce Edwards, FAME chief creative officer:

Why did you enter the 2013 HOW International Design Competition?
We like the recognition, but for us, it’s bigger than that. It’s about inspiring others. We’re proud of the work we’re doing, and want to be featured in publications like HOW—the ones that go “missing” around design offices everywhere. It means others see the value in what we do. It’s a compliment.

Any positive outcomes of having won Best of Show?
Winning the HOW International Competition Best of Show was a big deal for us – definitely all-agency-toast-worthy. But it also gave us something fun to share with clients and prospects. Working with an award-winning agency makes them look smart too.

6. The deadline is September 30, 2014!

The final entry deadline HOW International Design Awards deadline is September 30! Now is your chance to earn global recognition for your most impressive work.

Enter the HOW International Design Awards today!