Go the Distance and Inspire Us

Admit it. You know it’s good. In fact, it’s more than good. Don’t leave it quietly tucked away. Go the distance! Enter your work in the HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.


At HOW, our audience is inspired by our design community. It’s one of the biggest reasons HOW Magazine typically sells out every month! If you follow our Twitter, you’ll see designers complimenting one another; our Facebook is filled with posts that are liked and commented on by other HOWies. When work is shared in our Google+ community, members engage. Showcasing winners of our design awards continues to be some of our most popular content.

The HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards honors the hard work, commitment and dedication of every designer who puts their best work forward. Inspire us. Share with us. Be honored by your peers. Monday is the last day for entries – March 25th. Just go online and submit. It’s easy. Submit your own work or team work. We are ready to be dazzled!