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apollo150Think Big. Now Think Bigger.

When my father was a boy, he imagined someday flying rockets into space. It was an easy dream. People had been fantasizing about space travel for years. He eventually got his wish, joining the Apollo mission in 1963. In 1969, he was part of the team who put the first man on the moon. When I was in college, I majored in English. I wanted to be a writer, or a journalist. Today, I could have been a content marketer or a blogger.The creative fields have opened to include numerous options for college graduates interested in the field of writing, many jobs that didn’t even exist when they started high school!

Over the past decade, sustainability and environmentalism looked like it would dominate the 21st Century Job market. Since  green seems to have been replaced by chrome with an Apple logo stamped on it, IT has become much more of a career generator for all types of people, but perhaps more so for those in the creative field.

We’ve seen a culture shift with immediacy leading the charge.  Start-up entrepreneurs are back, as is their brilliant side kick. There are more problems to be solved and from now until 2020, jobs will be driven by a narcissistic need for people to be seen. And, graphic designers, art directors and creative teams will design products like apps to make the photogenic and beautiful “Pop.” We’ve seen this over the past decade with the growth of instagram, tumblr and other social media sharing. What other jobs have come to pass over the past five years for designers that only recently appeared? Here are a few we discovered:


1)  Jobs at Facebook

2)  App create for iPhones or iPads

3)  Covers creator for iPhones

4)  Social Media Crowd Sourcer

5)  Blogger

6)  Web Designer

7)  App Designer

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