Using InDesign to Create Fixed Layout EPUB

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The new fixed-layout EPUB export feature for Adobe InDesign is helping print designers and ebook developers more seamlessly create sophisticated digital content that’s steadily redefining what fixed-layout ebooks can be and do.

Publishers may still consider illustrated eBooks a limited market, but as changing technology redraws the boundaries between print and digital production, designers and developers are taking notice and putting their skills to creative new uses.


T6408Learn the capabilities and limitations of this InDesign feature from Laura Brady in her live Digital Book World webcast, Creating Fixed-Layout EPUB with Adobe InDesign: Tools and Best Practices on August 26 at 12pm ET.

Brady is an eBook Developer and Principal at Toronto-based eBook conversion house and book production company Brady Type.

Brady will explore the ways the tool can help you maintain rich media, interactivity, complex text and image layouts and more. Geared to experienced eBook developers, designer and beginners, her webcast takes an intensive look at the new export feature and what it means for the next generation of fixed-layout design.

Brady will guide attendees on a comprehensive tour of the features and functionality of the fixed layout EPUB features and functionality. She’ll also explore the limitations of the feature and propose solutions to the most common pitfalls encountered in eBook development.

You’ll learn how the Adobe Creative Cloud FXL export works, and you’ll explore ways to use the export to its best advantage. Not only will Brady show you where most designers run into problems with the tools, but she’ll also show you practical solutions to those problems. She’ll even address best practices for InDesign file setup and take a thorough, practical look at the underlying code.

Live Webcast — Creating Fixed-Layout EPUB with Adobe InDesign: Tools and Best Practices

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
12:00-1:00 PM Eastern (1 hour)

Register for Brady’s webinar at Digital Book World.

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