UX Design Simplified

“All design is human-centered. If it’s not human-centered, then it’s not design.” – Mark Baskinger, associate professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University

uxdesignUX Design Simplified
I have heard it said that in 20 years, the jobs that will be sought after don’t even exist today.

It’s easy to imagine given what the internet, smartphones and tablets have done to change the world and expand our imaginations. One career that has emerged only in the past few years and is getting a lot of attention in the web design space is UX Designer, often referred to as a User Experience Designer.

I seem to be late to the concept, or perhaps web designers are just beginning to tout the benefits of the discipline. The term UX was coined by Apple’s Advanced Technology Group VP Don Norman, a Harvard professor with caruserdesigndegrees in Electrical Engineering and Psychology. In an interview with UXDesign.com Norman says, “I invented the term because I thought human interface and usability were too narrow. I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with the system including industrial design, graphics, the interface, the physical interaction, and the manual.”

To understand the value of UX Design on the web, consider what automobile designers have been doing with it for decades. The driving experience is part of what guides the design and often translates into the car’s safety, ie. heated seats, sun roof, air bags. It’s not just the automobile industry. The User Experience concept has been standard in hundreds of industries for years – home planning, retail, etc.

With UX Designers becoming an integral part of the design process, Print’s official online store, MyDesignShop.com, has put together the UX Design Ultimate Collection – 5 products bundled and priced at 74% off at at cost of just $99!

500x500_uxdesign_1How to Define the User in User Experience – This OnDemand tutorial hosted by Jose Caballer, provides the first critical step in UX Design. Even if you think you know your audience, creating user profiles are invaluable when adding content and creating a powerful and influential community of website visitors.

User Experience Design: Conceptualizing a Website – This independent study workshop is a digital download that can be accessed immediately, and worked on at the student’s pace. Defining the user, his or her habits, content preference and even ad interest is taught in this program.

Above the Fold – One of our most popular books, that is conveniently segmented by: Design & Typography, Planning & Usability and Business Value. The book’s content is centered on effectively communicating to a particular demographic or community. Each chapter in this book is a vital component to UX Design – communication is tantamount.

Creating a Positive User Experience – This OnDemand video is presented by Steve Fisher, an expert in UX Design. Fisher guides you through established user experience design principles that will assist in defining ways to connect with your audience.

The Strategic Web Designer – Strategy is what provides the key to navigation, image placement, SEO and more. This popular book will give you invaluable insight into using Google Analytics and other strategies to achieve your short and long-term goals for enhancing user experience.

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