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creativismThere is something about human nature that keeps us searching and daydreaming about possibilities and missed opportunities. One of the best things about working with the design community is the knowledge in knowing that a career in this industry is achieved only through talent, hard work, sacrifice and dogged determination.

But the creative individual is a dreamer, not always satisfied with their work or their position. There is always a need to be more, to do more.

I call this phenomenon “Creativism.” How do you know if you have it? Do you browse job boards at least twice a week? Do you look at ads and think of ways you could have done better? Do you find fulfillment only when you’re working on three or four projects at a time? Are you attending HOW Design Live?

Yes, if you’re attending HOW Design Live, you have Creativism.

The first hint is your interest in a conference that is five days long, has more than 100 different ways to extend your skills,  is made up of four distinctive conferences, and is hosting iconic graphic designers, identity creators and branders, many of whom have changed the world or expanded the role of design in the marketplace. Those individuals with Creativism won’t settle for learning about their own craft, they want to look for ways to do more, a true reflection of the goal of How Design Live.

If you haven’t registered for it, you still have time. Invest in your possibilities.

The Graphic Designer’s Career Resource Pack

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