Get Your Coach with Web Design Ideas Here!

wordpresserBefore WordPress, designers spent most of their time building a portfolio of jobs that they put onto paper and placed in binders then carried around with them. I say “jobs” because that’s what design was before technology gave it an outlet and designers were given a global voice. Today, designers are much freer to create their own designs and “jobs” are much less limiting.

Even as the web started to become more accessible to everyone, websites were costly and only a few could afford to create one. It would take at least a decade before design, technology and portable devices merged, making it possible for content and graphics to be created, then uploaded and finally distributed to places vast and unknown.

If you’ve even considered putting your flag in the sand on the fast-paced interactive superhighway, think about traveling by way of WordPress. It’s a great vehicle. The road map it has created is easy to use and understand. There are numerous groups out there begging to give you help and advice and for the most part, it’s relatively inexpensive. Getting an account, for instance, is free.

When you do decide to get on board or even if you’ve already made a few attempts, get a coach, one that has numerous web design ideas to offer. I know a good shureblogone for just $17.01. Alannah Moore is the author of The Creative Person’s Website Builder: How to make a pro website yourself using WordPress and other easy tools. Moore writes for the creative mind. You know what I mean — “I’m already working on it so now tell me what to do.” It’s also a great reference for moving forward and backward over various tips and tricks. She promises a WordPress site in a weekend.

One weekend, your own WordPress site and a coach that sits with you during the entire process. You can’t lose.

piratesupply The only challenge you’re going to have is choosing a template from the WordPress themes. There are several free themes and some that cost money.

In order to inspire you, here’s an entire gallery of award-winning websites from this year’s HOW Interactive Design Awards. The blog sites will be easy to recreate from WordPress. Others are custom and use a more complex platform, but you’re creative, you will be able to incorporate WordPress plug-ins (this is covered in the book) to match some of the bells and whistles that custom sites use.

WordPress really is one of the best website, blog, marketing, and promotional platforms available today that is cost-effective and user-friendly. You can also change the themes as often as you like. Visit to learn more about WordPress.

And, if you love interactive, share it with other designers by entering your work in the HOW Interactive Design Awards. The deadline is just weeks away on November 1st. Winners will be showcased in HOW magazine and online at Inspire others and expand your presence. Enter now.