Web Design Inspiration and Royal Baby News

It’s a boy!

It’s nice when good news is the number one trending story on Twitter and the World Wide Web.

I’m predicting the heir’s moniker to have George somewhere in the lengthy string of names that he will have to carry for the rest of his life. Today will be a big day for news.

Designers might have little to care about in the wake of the heir’s birth, but it serves as a reminder of the need for ecommerce/news sites to be designed to fulfill an audience’s expectations, not a site creator’s ad platform.

royalwebsiteThe official Royal website uses a pretty simple web template with a carousel of rotating images at the top, two columns and a large photo background of Buckingham Palace at the footer. Large photo backgrounds have become one of the biggest trends in web design this year.

As a designer, you most likely have your own dedicated professional site and you may need to up your game by identifying your web layout and incorporating new trends. More importantly, you need to realize that creative talent is in high demand, especially if coupled with web design and online graphic design skills.

Getting Started in Web Design Ultimate Collectiongetstartedinwebdesign-500

The search term “website designers” currently gets more than 6.1 million monthly searches. “Graphic web designers” is searched more than 60,000 times per month; “freelance web designers” is in higher demand at 74,000; and “web design company” is even larger at 368,000. To put it simply, if you don’t have the skills to design a website, you are going to miss out on this lucrative need. Are you experienced with html and css? Can you provide web page design examples? We want to make sure you can.

With this in mind, HOW’s MyDesignShop.com has created the “Getting Started in Web Design Ultimate Collection.”  Included in the collection is Principles of Web Design, a HOW Design University independent study for print designers looking to move to the web. It is complemented by Web Design for Beginners DesignCast Series, a 4-part, more than four hour Designcast series, created by Patrick McNeil that offers a fundamental understanding of how the web works: Part 1: Web 101; Part 2: Designing for the Web; Part 3: Essential Tools and Concepts; Part 4: Working on the Web.

W1816Patrick McNeil’s bestselling book, The Designer’s Web Handbook, is a great companion to the series. Not only does he offer suggestions on good web design, he offers numerous examples.

The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions will be one of your most W5971important reference guides. Written by Scott Parker and developed to offer “Professional Secrets for a Winning Website,” this illustrated book provides 101 practical insights,  best practices and insider tips, from the basics to designing diverse content and planning for growth.

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