Webinar Recap: How to Make an Infographic

How-to-infographicHave you ever created an infographic before? I’ve made a few ungainly attempts at the art myself, and I was blown away by how much work goes into infographic design! Performing the research, laying out the design, creating the illustrations—I ended up scrapping my whole project and starting over more than once just because I had trouble keeping everything organized.

Fortunately, John T. Meyer of Lemonly showed me and a host of other attendees a straightforward, effective way to make a successful infographic in his webinar How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute.

If you missed it, don’t worry! You can still get the webinar OnDemand at MyDesignShop.com.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive the tutorial was, I put together a brief overview of what John discussed:

Why Is Infographic Design Important?

We live in an exciting, overwhelming world—a world with more information and data around us than has ever existed before. Infographics can help us make sense of the tumult of information by making the world an easier place to understand.

As John said, “Everyone needs storytelling.”Printingpress

John addressed the power of visuals, exploring the history of infographics, from cave paintings to the Gutenberg printing press to smartphones. With smartphones, Meyer said, we all carry a printing press in our pockets.

John even shared what he called the most important skill of 2014. What skill is that? Download How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute to find out.

Lemonly’s Recipe for How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute

John shared Lemonly’s recipe for awesome infographics, breaking the infographic design process down into 3 simple steps: Data, design and distribute.

For each step, John guided us through Lemonly’s process in great detail. Here’s a brief overview of goes into the “Data” step of creating an infographic:


The purpose of an infographic is to inform. Think about the goal and the main points you want to include in your infographic. What do you want to say in your infographic?


Gather your data! Once you’ve decided what you want your infographic to include, collect information that will comprise a successful, interesting infographic.


Different trends and compelling details will jump out at you as you’re looking through your data. Let these details guide your design to the most effective visualization possible, and you’ll truly be able bring your data to life

To learn rest of Lemonly’s “recipe,” download How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute at MyDesignShop.com.

A Successful Infographic Design from Lemonly

What sort of infographics can Lemonly’s recipe help you produce? In the webinar, John showed us some of Lemonly’s most successful infographics. I thought Lemonly’s Future of Nursing IOM Infographic was a great example of an informative, beautifully designed infographic (click the image to see the entire infographic):

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 4.06.20 PM

What do you think? To learn the full process that went into this design and apply it yourself, download the OnDemand webinar How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute.

Were you one of the folks who attended the live webinar? Share your favorite parts in the comments below!

About John T. Meyer and Lemonly

John T. Meyer is the CEO/Co-Founder of Lemonly, a visual marketing firm that helps create understanding through visuals by creating infographics, data visualization and interactive graphics. Lemonly works with big brands, non-profits, and startups including Marriott, PepsiCo, Major League Baseball, Samsung, and the United Nations. John is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and in 2013 was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs. John loves to cheer on the Minnesota Twins and writes about focus and productivity with a daily newsletter called the Point Letter.

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