Website Layout Design Simplified

The Eyeball Trail

The Nielsen Norman Group ( has led a series of Eyetracking Usability studies to determine how people consume information on web pages. Tracking an online visitor’s attention is akin to how retailers study in-store traffic patterns to encourage sales and impulse buying. Their research found a familiar pattern, with the letter ‘F’ playing a prominent role. According to the study, “the F pattern’s implications for Web design are clear and show the importance of following the guidelines for writing for the Web instead of repurposing print content.”

Website B.C. [Before Content]websitelayout

Prior to setting out any magical words, a website needs a blueprint for delivering content. Brian Miller’s Principles of Information Architecture is an online independent study workshop that is important to the foundation of your site. Even if you are using a blogging platform like WordPress, understanding how to layout the information hierarchy is crucial. Miller’s program is included in HOW’s’s July Ultimate Collection: How to Lay Out a Website. You’ll also be introduced to site navigation and what backgrounds, headers, footers and sidebars can mean to your audience’s engagement. HOW’s offers Miller’s workshop at $199, but as part of this month’s collection, the price is just $79 and includes three additional products.

Iabovethefoldnformation Architecture for Designers is also included in the collection and gives you a better understanding of how to organize content as well as discover what apps can mean to your overall messaging. This OnDemand Conference Session is led by David Sherwin, a well-known author of several books on enhancing the creative process.

One of our most popular books, Above the Fold, refers to the part of the website that is seen above mid-screen because it is considered the most viewed and valuable digital real estate. What is included “above the fold” is the subject of Miller’s book, which also highlights design fundamentals from color, texture and imagery to scale, depth, animation and web-safe types. It retails for $30 and is also included in July’s $79 Ultimate Collection.

The fourth piece in this month’s collection is another one of our bestsellers, The Strategic Web Designer. This is the icing on your technical blueprint, focusing more on design and navigation as well as image placement, search engine optimization and analytics. Author Christopher Butler gives you insider tips on how to use unique content tools to your advantage. You can find the whole collection at

fiftythree-150x1502013 HOW Interactive Design AwardS Winners

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, look no further than the 2013 HOW Interactive Design Award Winners. Some may be familiar, others may not, but we guarantee you will be inspired by our prestigious winners. Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter our HOW LOGO Design Competition!