What’s New at HOW Design Live: Creative Business

If you’re a solopreneur and you’ve scanned the HOW Design Live schedule, you may have noticed that the word “freelancer” is missing from the Creative Business program. It isn’t an oversight—it’s by design.

In response to shifts in the creative field—and to comments from past attendees—we’ve reshaped the program this year to focus more broadly on the intersection of creativity and business. As in years past, Ilise Benun is the program leader for Creative Business. Here’s what she had to say about the new focus:

“Creative Business has turned into a track of its own throughout the event. What that means is that we don’t want to only focus on freelancers—we want anyone who’s interested in and affected by the ideas of creativity in business to attend this track and learn.”

What’s on the Creative Business agenda?

Pricing and negotiating. Creating your own business opportunities. Marketing and building new client relationships. Collaborating with other creative pros. All essential topics—whether you work solo or you run an agency.


If you’ve attended previous Creative Freelancer Conferences, you’ll find plenty on the 2015 HOW Design Live Creative Business lineup just for you. Ilise says: “We’ve organized the material so that if freelancers want to come, they can attend the first two days, which are particularly focused on individuals and people who are running their own creative businesses.”

Plus, you’ll network with other creatives—both fellow indies and potential clients. And you’ll have access to killer keynote presentations, the Exhibit Hall and all the other HOW Design Live activities.