From WordPress Blog to Designer Website

When did you experience your first WordPress blog? Maybe it was something you stumbled upon when searching for a cupcake recipe or when looking for tips to make your new exercise routine bearable. It used to be that people used WordPress to jot down their daily thoughts. Now, nearly 20% of the internet is powered by tricked-out WordPress sites.


Far from simple blogs, these sites are full-blown content management systems for mega-companies, like CNN and Mozilla, and big-name personalities, such as Mario Batali and Jay-Z. While you can still find plenty of food blogs filled with cupcake recipes (or simply visit that Mario Batali WordPress site), you can also peruse your favorite magazine’s online offerings (cough HOW cough) from Forbes to People‘s StyleWatch.


Some websites are so extensive and well-designed, you may not even realize they’re powered by WordPress. The secret to the uniqueness from one site to another is a variety of plugins, widgets and templates. These tools are exactly what make WordPress a great option for your first personal or business website. Now that everyone, their mothers (mommy blogs had a moment where they were poised to take over the internet) and even the Easter Bunny have their own websites, you know it’s essential to have one of your own. And it’s equally important to do it right.


To help navigate the ins and outs of such a complex system, professor and web developer Jesse Friedman offers an easy solution. His HOW U course 28 Days to Your First WordPress Site takes web design beginners, marketing professionals and creative entrepreneurs from sign up to successful launch. If it’s time to take your WordPress blog from a small-time personal website to a self-promotional powerhouse, this is the course for you. The next session runs June 30-July 27, but you can sign up until July 7. Take advantage of the summer months to learn a new skill that will elevate your career to the next level.