We’re Wild About BKWLD

It’s not often that you come across a new-made-old building that has as much quirky charm as its inhabitants, but that is just what the Ebner Hotel in Old Sacramento is to creative agency, BKWLD.


The outside of BKWLD’s offices.

The Ebner Hotel, pictured above, has a unique story that is older than the building itself. The hotel dates back to 1856 when it was designed and built by the Ebner brothers to house travelers and traders as they used the port the Sacramento River services. To hear BKWLD CEO and Founder, Ryan Vanni, tell it the Ebner brothers were just a couple of old-school cowboys who came to Old Sacramento and never left–all the while building an enormous property portfolio.

Deemed structurally unsound in the early 2000s the original thirty-six room Ebner Hotel was demolished and an exact replica of the building, at least on the outside, was erected. This homogenous mixing of old-school style on the outside and new-school on the inside has created the perfect home near the water for BKWLD. To pay homage to the building’s rich history the team searched Sacramento’s archives and created posters of the hotel’s old advertisements and hung them through out the space.

One of the Ebner's Hotel's old advertisements.

One of the Ebner’s Hotel’s old advertisements.

Eschewing the typical creative agency location and opting for a location near the water is one of Vanni’s biggest prides of the agency’s newest home. When the agency moved in to their new digs in 2012 the creative team at BKWLD decided to streamline their offices and get rid of the “makeshift bohemian hodgepodge” of style that had erupted in their previous offices. With this desire in mind Vanni and his team created an office space with a main diagonal artery and leading to a rotunda, a place that Vanni call’s his favorite in the entire space.

The main artery inside BKWLD’s offices that leads to CEO and Founder Ryan Vanni’s favorite spot – the rotunda.


Ryan Vanni’s favorite spot in BKWLD’s offices – the rotunda.

On either side of the main artery large glass huddle rooms and meeting pockets can be seen crowed with huge whiteboards for creative collaborations and problem solving. Outside of these spaces an open floor plan allows the designers at BKWLD to work, play, and collaborate with ease.


Open workspaces and large whiteboards encourage collaboration and creativity.

Hop down a floor and you’ll find yet another cool story waiting in the wings of BKWLD’s offices. Much like your home, the designer’s at BKWLD are very much a family and as such you’ll find a nice living room and kitchen where coworkers can relax, eat, play and learn. Inside this space you have everything from a ping pong table, to a Kegerator, to a surprising twist – a Starbucks. Yup that’s right BKWLD has their own Starbucks…well kinda.




So how do you get your very own Starbucks in your office? Well you have know people, who know people, who know people, who…Can you guess it?…No?




Coffee2…Okay, I’ll tell you…know people who remodel airports! Betchya didn’t see that one coming! When a near by airport was being outfitted with a Starbucks one of the designers knew the guy who was doing the installations for Starbucks and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to present day and BKWLD has their very own authentic Starbucks sign and a very Starbucks-esque cafe where employees can make their own cup o’ joe and then relax with their friends. The best part? There isn’t a Starbucks around for over a mile and why pay five bucks for a cup of coffee when you can enjoy the same great ambiance at work? Now that’s what we call the best part of waking up!

To learn more about BKWLD, the work they do, and the space the work in check out their website and follow them on Twitter @bkwld. Want to see the more playful side of the team? Check out their twitter feed @shitbkwldsays to learn about the craziness that goes on between this close knit family!