Meet The First HOW Design Live Keynotes!

A “trailblazing” Chief Design Officer for one of the world’s leading brands. A multimedia artist who’s equally at home working on a letterpress and working on code. The youngest partner at the most recognized international design agency.

What do they have in common? They reflect the cross-disciplinary nature of today’s design field. They explore, experiment and pivot easily, looking for the best way to express the solution to a design problem. They’re fearless.

And they are just a few of the keynote presenters who will inspire you at HOW Design Live 2017, May 2–6 in Chicago. We’ve recently launched registration and announced the program — let us briefly introduce you half a dozen of the 13 keynoters on the agenda.

Timothy Goodman

Print, HOW and AIGA have lauded this NYC-based designer and illustrator’s work, and you’ll find his cover design on HOW’s recent 2016 Creativity Issue. We’re especially keen on his latest book, “Sharpie Art Workshop: Techniques & Ideas for Transforming Your World.” And who didn’t dig his collaboration with Jessica Walsh, 40 Days of Dating? In his HOW Design Live keynote, “The Difference Between Being Cute and Being Creepy Is One Emoji’” he’ll will reveal his own transformation in our changing industry and inspire you to take stock of the path you’re on.


Kelli Anderson

We’re convinced you will be Totally. Blown. Away. by Anderson’s multimedia work. A self described artist/designer/tinkerer/teacher, she’s in a constant state of creative experimentation. She works in paper (as in, cool dimensional cut-paper illustrations) and in code, on a letterpress and on a Mac. Working with her partner, the UX designer Daniel Dunnam, she created an eye-catching cut-paper stop-motion animation for “Long White Beard,” part of They Might Be Giants’ 2015 Dial-a-Song project. In Chicago, Anderson will present “Design, Sensory Thinking and Uncovering Lo-fi Magic” to challenge you to expand your creative horizons.


Mauro Porcini

Porcini joined PepsiCo in 2012 as its first Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo, and he works every day to lead the creative team’s mission to build a relevant and beautiful brand story across consumer touchpoints and around the globe. Fortune magazine called Porcini “trailblazing” when it named him to its 40 Under 40 list in 2012. The team’s manifesto is stamped on the walls of PepsiCo’s Design & Innovation Center in New York City: “We are crazy enough to think we can inspire the future … of our products, of our brands, of our company, of the society.” He’ll bring a little of that crazy aspiration to the HOW Design Live stage.


Natasha Jen

Jen’s work stretches from 2D to 3D, including brand identity and books, retail interiors and exhibits. In 2012, the Taiwan-born designer became the youngest-ever partner at the renowned international design agency Pentagram. Jen’s client list belies her age: she’s worked with YouTube, Vitra, Metropolitan Museum of Art and luxury brands including Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and Chanel. She’ll share the inspiration behind her work, which draws from a diverse range of genres, cultural references, aesthetics and technologies.


Jeffrey Zeldman

If you’re a web designer, you practically owe your career to this guy, a web designer who’s been publishing web content about web design since 1995. Where to start? Zeldman founded Happy Cog Studio, an early advocate of web design standards and practices. He founded A List Apart, which gave designers the tools and information they needed to build searchable, usable, functional, multiplatform websites. His book “Designing with Web Standards” is the bible of modern web design. You’ve probably read it. Now you’ll hear from this influencer in person.


Brian Collins

Collins leads a brand consultancy for the modern era, one that turns the old advertising model of print ads and TV spots — and, for that matter, the new advertising model of click bait and Facebook followers — on its head. At Collins, his New York-based agency, digital meets print meets experience. Brand meets consumer. Find out how they work and think at HOW Design Live.


Big thinkers. Revolutionaries. Creatives who will inspire your best work. They’re all booked as keynote presenters for HOW Design Live 2017. At no other place, in no other time, will you have the opportunity to see this remarkable group. You simply can’t miss it.

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