Outdoor Gallery: New York City

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love affair with street art. From 3-D chalk art paintings to the graffiti that litters the sides of rail cars and abandoned buildings all over Cincinnati to beautiful Banksy-esque street art. In fact, I love Banksy so much that I have a number of canvas prints of his work hanging in my home. This guerrilla style of art warfare has always fascinated and enthralled the American populace and it has gained in popularity with the rise of such prolific street artists.


In a new book, Outdoor Gallery: New York City, Yoav Litvin covers the gorgeous and profound street art that covers New York City. This beautiful coffee table book has a gorgeous frosted jacket that is overlaid on a fantastic reprint of a gorgeous mural and the inside of the book offers unique insights on this movement as well as numerous high quality pictures of the best artwork in New York!


Robots Will Kill Nick Walker Never Satisfied Enzo and Nio Elle Deadsex and Shin Shin Chris Stain with Billy Mode Bunny M
Be sure to check out the rest of the great artwork in Outdoor Gallery: NYC with this curated look at some of the most profound and amazing street art that can be found in NYC!