Pandora’s New Look & Logo Design

For you Pandora listeners out there, you may have noticed that the internet radio site recently updated their logo – especially if you access the radio site online or via iOS platforms. Since it’s launch 8 years ago, Pandora felt it was time to update their look. With new marks for Pandora, Pandora One and app icon, Pandora has also included some new product splash screens and background pages “reflecting the new ‘lights’ direction.” To gain some insight into the logo design and new look, I reached out to Pandora to answer some questions.

Pandora Icon

Pandora Icon

While the prior logo was “timeless and universal” and “listeners have a real connection with it,” Pandora felt that it was an appropriate time to modernize the logo. And, of course, there were other things that the team worried about, such as capturing their “warm and inviting” feeling and to not lose the connection users felt with the previous logo. Pandora further explains why they decided to update their logo:

We have always brought the best experience to our listeners, artists and advertisers. As our company continues to grow, it is important to bring our story to life and elevate Pandora to an iconic status. … The new design is an evolution of where we’ve been while bringing to life our values.

Pandora logo

Perhaps the most interesting update is the Pandora “lights,” which is meant to represent the “energy that is felt and exchanged through Pandora between artists and listeners.” In other words, it’s a sort of visual representation of the relationship between the music and the music lover. Pandora goes on to describe these elements:

Bright sparks, soft blends and various sizes intertwined represent many things:

The effortless and endless flow of music from the artists who create it, to the listeners who love it; The neurons firing when a listener remembers a favorite song or is inspired by great music; The movement of lights when enjoying a live concert and dancing to its sounds.

iPhone backstage

iPhone backstage


iPhone sleeptimer

"Add variety" option

“Add variety” option

According to Pandora, the updates have already taken place on web and iOS platforms , Android platforms will be updated soon, and integrated CE/Auto partners will gradually be updated. What do you think about the updated look?


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