Design + Marketing: “So Intertwined”

“How can design and marketing not have intersected already? They are so intertwined that I believe it is hard to separate the two.”

When we queried designers in the HOW community back in November for an article about how their work overlaps with marketing functions in their companies, that’s how Bryan Konieczka, marketing & communications officer at a Michigan nonprofit, responded.

Marketing and design have intersected—and that relationship is only deepening. Look at the textbook definition of marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. Design is an essential part of that “action.”

image from Getty | CSA-Archive

While design and marketing functions have traditionally operated in their own silos, the work and the people who do it are increasingly more collaborative. Just as designers lament that their marketing colleagues don’t “get” the value of their work, marketers need creatives to roll up their sleeves and dig into strategy and analytics.

HOW Marketing Live comes online at this critical time for both designers and marketers. Programmed in partnership with the American Marketing Association, this two-day event embedded within HOW Design Live offers designers unprecedented training that will help them work more effectively with clients and colleagues.

The HOW Marketing Live schedule was recently announced, and it includes sessions on:

Becoming an Important Member of the Marketing Team—a case-study presentation with Jonathan Cleveland and Elizabeth Darragh that dissects their designer-client working relationship and shares smart strategies for collaborating.

Metrics: The Role of Data in Creativity—a deep dive into how businesses use customer insight, sales data, forecasting and more to determine marketing strategy and measure results—and what that all means for creative output.

From Gift Wrapper to Strategic Partner: How Creatives Can Shift Perception of Their Work—what designers need to know to be stronger strategic, brand-building partners in marketing efforts.

Implications of Journey Mapping for Designers—learn about the steps that consumers take to investigate a product, make a purchase and become advocates for a brand, and how to shape creative strategy for each step in that customer journey.

Over a tightly focused two days, HOW Marketing Live includes 16 breakout sessions presented by leading experts, plus six keynote sessions that are part of the HOW Design Live agenda. Flexible registration options enable attendees to upgrade their Big Ticket to include HOW Marketing Live (for just $99), or creatives and marketers can choose to attend HOW Marketing Live.