New Year, New Professional Goals

According to the annual survey of job and salary opportunities in creative field conducted by The Creative Group, design and marketing teams are understaffed. (No surprise to you, right?) The most in-demand skills for creative pros right now include web design, project management and high-level creative direction. Marketing teams are wishing for colleagues with marketing strategy, analytics and content management capabilities.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this hiring trend in 2018—and to grow your own role into a fulfilling career with more responsibility, more satisfaction (and, yeah, more money), then you’ll need to develop those in-demand skills. 

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Perhaps you’re not seeking a new job, per se, but you envision re-shaping your current role to maximize your talents. “When it comes to creative leadership, your ‘what’s next’ is really limited only by your own imagination,” says Andy Brenits in a recent article on creative leadership. “Take some time to develop your own ideas of what that might look like, and start planning for the day when you’re ready to take that big leap.”

Looking ahead at your career path: That’s what HOW Design Live is all about. It can inspire your “what’s next.” It can help you develop new design skills (web design, packaging design, communication design). It can build other valuable capabilities beyond design, like leadership, business expertise, marketing savvy. All of which make you more essential to your current employer, more marketable in future roles and more influential in your professional sphere.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the ways the HOW Design Live program can ready you for your “what’s next” in 2018:

  • So You’re A Manager Now — with Amy Schwartz
  • Stand Up: How to Advocate for Your Ideas — with Terri Trespicio
  • How to Deal with Sh#t — with HOW Design Live faves Justin Ahrens & Von Glitschka
  • The all-new HOW Marketing Live — with sessions, programmed in conjunction with the American Marketing Association, on data analytics as the basis for communication, user experience, marketing strategy and team collaboration

Like the creative field itself, your design career is never static. It’s full of opportunity to do your best work, connect with people in meaningful ways and solve big, hairy problems.

Make a New Year’s resolution to attend HOW Design Live for the inspiration you need to build a killer career. The best registration pricing of 2018 expires on February 1.