Inspiration Wednesday: Design for Change

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
—Buckminster Fuller

Got an ironclad brand guide that at times can make your team feel creatively restrained? Inject more variety into the mix of assignments your in-house team tackles by giving back.

Take a cue from law firms (yes, law firms) and advertising agencies that routinely select charities to protect and promote their causes in the form of pro bono work. Or get your in-house team involved in a professional organization that coalesces the skills and talents of members to aid charities that could never fully afford the services rendered.

Design for Change_lrg

Give your creative team an opportunity to design, write and code for good. Change their feeling of creative restraint to creative freedom by looking outward. How? Start by talking with your company’s director of development or someone who is responsible for corporate sponsorships. Ask them for a list of the charities or causes your organization actively supports.

Propose that your in-house team do more to support those causes by designing a new promotional campaign or redesigning that charity’s brand. Work with development on a plan to contact and select a group to assist beyond issuing a yearly support check. Meet with the charity as you would an internal client. Then attack that assignment with creative verve and feel good about changing the perceptions of your team from the inside out.


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