How to Plug in Your Macbook Pro


Photo by Marcin Nowak

HOW is committed to keeping you informed of important updates in the interactive space. Case in point: We recently brought you details about Adobe Experience Design CC, a new UX design certificate and the always-popular top ten websites for designers.

But something we’ve neglected to cover is how to plug in your Macbook Pro. (Please accept our sincerest apologies.) This is a vital yet often misunderstood step for designers, and it’s time we dispel the confusion.

Step 1: Located in your Macbook Pro’s original packaging is something called a power adapter. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a superfluous component but rather, the key to getting your Macbook to actually turn on. Try your best to find it. It might have a little apple on it.

Step 2: Connect the power adapter to your AC power cord. If you’re unsure what your AC power cord looks like, you’ll have to call Apple, as it’s far too complicated to explain in an online article and will likely require an expert’s advice.

Step 3: Plug everything into a wall, but not just any wall—it has to have a power outlet. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when a light on your Macbook turns green. If you do not see the green light, you should probably just give up and maybe buy something else.

Happy April Fool’s Day from your friends at HOW!