A HOW Conference Focused on Project Management Solutions

Creative pros aren’t always the first to admit it—but any team creating a deliverable is engaged in project management.

For some designers, the idea of project management feels nebulous and somewhat outside of the designer wheelhouse. So as creative executive or in-house director it’s your responsibility to ensure best project management practices are established and everyone is on the same page about the project management plan. Easier said than done, right?

A HOW Conference Focused on Project Management

Start by attending the HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Conference this November 6th in Chicago. This one-day, information-rich conference is focused on digital assets, as well as project and content management. Even if you think you’ve got project management down to a finely tuned rhythm with your team, there’s more than meets the eye with this critical topic. Digital Asset Management

Hear from project management master Andy Epstein and his team of experts on how to set up and sustain a true project management solution. If you play a role in organization and workflow for your in-house team, do everyone a solid and consider this event. HOW is bringing you the most important and up-to-date information you need to successfully manage your creative team.

Why Do You Need Project Management Advice?

It’s widely understood that the creative world can be a hectic environment with many moving parts and pieces to consider. Tracking assets and projects can become a tedious task for individuals when a customized project management process isn’t optimized (or in place).

And when a project management system isn’t being executed or implemented for best outcomes, a host of potential issues may arise, including the following:

  • Individuals who aren’t trained to manage projects find themselves having to define the scope of a project with the client.
  • The client has one set of expectations while the creative team has another.
  • Many creatives who aren’t trained to execute on project management are thrust into this role, which limits the creative work they can produce.
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HOW Brings You a Project Management Solution

The team of experts speaking at the 2013 HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Forum have the tools, metrics recommendations, systems and more to share with you to improve your team’s output and production.

Things like efficient use of resources and clear expectations at various milestones in the project process are keys to successful project execution. Here, you’ll learn how to (re)define the statement or scope of work, define the deliverable at various stages, determine who will be reviewing deliverables, implement a strategy for handling revisions, etc.

Andy Epstein, project management pro, explains: “If an organization doesn’t define the metrics by which to measure deliverables and specifications around project management aren’t in place, designers could be spending as much or more time on project management—when they’ve been hired to design.”

The size of the creative team directly impacts how project management functions are distributed among the team. Find out how to execute the best strategy for your team at this critical event!

Catch two great HOW events in one place! Check out the HOW Interactive Design Conference, November 5-7 in Chicago! 

See what our speakers are saying about the event: 

HIDC 2013

“HOW Interactive Design Conference is a yearly opportunity to check in on what we do — to hear from each other about new technologies, new ways of doing things, and new ways of thinking. It’s an exciting and encouraging few days.”

Christopher Butler, COO, Newfangled