Alexa Curtis of Moment on Designing Evolving Tech

Alexa Curtis is no stranger to the thrills and appeal of shiny new things. In fact, her role as design director at Moment in New York City ensures that she evolve with the movements of technology. Because she is, after all, in the thick of the latest and greatest in tech and design…

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Moment Digital Design

“At Moment,” Curtis reveals, “we partner with our clients to design digital products as a way to transform their businesses. One of the more interesting aspects of our role in the current technology landscape is that transformation is constant and every product we design has a new set of constraints to work with.” 

So how do interactive designers stay focused (and sane!) in an industry where most everything is in flux? Easy answer: You’ve gotta love design and appreciate change… 

Alexa Curtis is one designer who welcomes change. She’s especially drawn to designing for mobile and cross platform products, which reveals her passion for those evolving contexts. “As designers, we must embrace the change while making products that are compelling to use and appropriate to the device on which they live,” Curtis explains. “Unlike print or physical product design, we recognize that the products we create are ephemeral; they serve a purpose in time, and must evolve to keep the rhythm with the business context that surrounds it.”

Designing across and within contexts at Moment allows Curtis to interface with high profile clients, delving into complex problems and offering solutions. “We worked with ESPN for many years as they discovered what mobile platforms mean to sports fans (hint: mobile is important),” she says. “While those initial products have changed dramatically over the past few years, they were phenomenally successful for their point in time.”

Pretty exciting that Curtis is able to design for emerging technology, watching it evolve and appreciating every iteration. “Now, we’re working with a large consumer credit organization to pave a path toward greater adoption of digital payments.”

Alexa Curtis of Moment Design


“It’s an exciting time to bring people together to explore complex problems and to create digital products that meet the needs of the moment while positioning organizations to embrace the future.”

Speaking of the future, Curtis first realized digital design was the indeed the future in 2001, as an industrial design student. “A lot of projects resulted in ‘fancy bricks with screens,” she says. “My classmates and I would tell elaborate stories of what people could do with these fancy bricks. One day, I stopped caring about the brick and what it looked like, and started caring about how the brick worked; how a digital interface could complete the experience.”

Her keen eye towards analysis and functionality highlights her background steeped in rigorous research methods. As part of Moment’s design team, Curtis is invested in user research and strategy to guide projects. The team works within an agile, nimble process to “constantly evaluate, refine and iterate” for the best results. 

Although Curtis and the folks at Moment use state-of-the-art technology to create and deliver top-notch digital products to clients, analog tools (like sticky notes) are never very far. What’s Curtis’ can’t-live-without design tool? A pen. “I always start with sketches,” she says…

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Catch her at the 2014 HOW Interactive Design Conference in Washington D.C. this September.