Announcing HOW Interactive Design Conference 2014

With the number of design and technology events growing every year, it’s clear that designers’ drive for professional development opportunities is at an all-time high. HOW Interactive Design Conference is back in 2014, dedicated to keeping you current in new design thinking while equipping you with practical approaches to apply in the field. It’s a delicate balance we’ve worked hard to strike, with a program that will inspire, inform and prepare.

The HOW Interactive Design Conference series is dedicated to exploring the complex relationship between design and technology, with a dual emphasis on design theory and practice. We’ve assembled a program that delves into subjects like UX, front-endmobile and  responsive designcontent strategymarketingcross-platform design and more, with a focus on preparing you to put this new knowledge to work.

HIDC; HOW Interactive Design Conference

This single track, two-and-a-half-day event of interactive programming cultivates a shared experience and the opportunity to network and exchange best practices with fellow design professionals. HOW Interactive Design Conference is a forum for working designers unlike any other. Hear from industry experts like Chris Butler, Cameron Moll, David Sherwin and Karen McGrane. Each design thinker and practitioner brings a unique perspective supported by case studies that will help you apply their theory to your own work.

HOW Interactive Conference is your chance to learn the latest developments across this constantly evolving medium and connect with other creatives who are investing in their future by growing their skill set—and taking time away from the daily grind. And it’s all happening in three exciting locations:

HOW Interactive Design Conference 2014

Registration is now open. Reserve your spot today!

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