5 Award-Winning Design Projects from the U.K.

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In celebration of international design, we’re spotlighting a selection of award-winning design from the U.K., including packaging design, brochure design, annual report design and an identity project that’ll leave you feeling inspired.

Winning Packaging Design from WPA Pinfold Ltd.



Title: Crafty Dan | Design Firm: WPA Pinfold Ltd., West Yorkshire, England; www.wpa-pinfold.co.uk | Creative Team: Myles Pinfold, art director; Helen Hartley, Heather Armer, designers | Client: Daniel Thwaites | Details: The simplicity of the designs gives them elegance and quality, while the illustration style and typography are symbolic of the art and craft that go into the brewing process.

Winning Brochure Design from WPA Pinfold Ltd.




Title: The Chairman Awards Brochure | Design Firm: WPA Pinfold Ltd., West Yorkshire, England; www.wpa-pinfold.co.uk | Creative Team: John Atkin, Danny Rowe, designers | Details: Taking inspiration from the event’s venue—a sculpture park—a six-page, die-cut wraparound cover was used, alongside pop-up and die-cut pages with bespoke silhouettes.

Winning Annual Report Design from Believe in


Title: FS Emeric Launch Campaign: Type Specimen Booklet and Poster | Design Firm: Believe in, Exeter, U.K.; www.believein.co.uk | Creative Team: Tim Burley, strategic director; Phil Garnham, typeface designer (Fontsmith); Blair Thomson, art director/designer; Ian Thompson, copywriter (Thompson Brand Partners) | Poster Series Contributors: Bibliothèque; Lundgren+Lindqvist; Manual; Non-Format; DixonBaxi; Domenic Lippa/Pentagram; Studio Dumbar; MCP/Build; Hey; Atelier Bernd Kuchenbeiser; NB; Believe in | Printer: Identity Print, booklet; Dan Mather, poster series | Client: Fontsmith

Winning Identity Design from WPA Pinfold Ltd.


Title: Charity | Design Firm: WPA Pinfold Ltd., Leeds, England; www.wpa-pinfold.co.uk | Creative Team: Myles Pinfold, Richard Hurst, Stuart Morey, art directors/designers; John Atkin, Trudi Atkin, Joanne Douglas, Pat Glover, Helen Hartley, Elaine Jackson, Kerry Kane, Greg Kirk, Angela Langlois, Chris McMahon, Liam Newmarch, Darren Pascoe, Emma Rutherford, Hayley Wall, Tom Walshaw, Nicci McNeil, designers; Phil Dodd, copywriter | Printers: Pressision, Digital Plus

Winning Packaging Design from Turner Duckworth Design



Title: Coca-Cola Arctic Home | Design Firm: Turner Duckworth Design, London & San Francisco; www.turnerduckworth.com | Creative Team: David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, Sarah Moffat, creative directors; Butler Looney, designer; Darren Whittington, illustrator | Client: The Coca-Cola Company North America

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