Eye Candy: The Best Logo Design

Last year was a big year for HOW’s Logo Design Awards. We had an amazing group of winners. Among the best logo design was a design by Montréal-based Écorce. Below, we’ll check out some of Écorce’s other logo design work and find out what winning meant for their creative team.

But first, we have some news about this year’s competition, which is going to be better than ever. We have an amazing judge, Lippincott’s Rodney Abbot, and for the first time ever, you can enter your logo and then have the option of entering the Identity Applications category, as well, at a discounted rate. Abbot will be choosing 10 winners from each category, so entering both categories doubles your chances of winning.

Some of the Best Logo Design by Écorce







Why You Should Enter The Logo Design Awards

We talked to Karl-Frédéric Anctil, president and creative director of Écorce, to find out what sort of impact winning had on his team last year. “It’s always nice for the team to be recognized for their work by their peers,” he says. “It’s also a great way for our moms to brag about their offspring on Facebook.

“It’s also inspiring to see great work by other designers.”


Écorce’s winning logo last year. Creative Team: Julie Ledru, Sophie Pépin, Karl-Frederic Anctil, Rafik Andraos. Read more about the project here.

The creatives at Écorce have already decided that they’ll be entering again this year. “We have a really great project that we hope will get the attention of the jury,” Anctil says. “It’s the branding for the 375th anniversary of Montreal (375MTL). It’s inspired by the current logo, iconography and landmarks of the city. It’s a great honor and opportunity to work on this project. It will be everywhere in 2017, the year of the celebration.”

T5491_coverWhen asked why others should enter HOW’s Logo Design Awards, Anctil sums it up perfectly: “It’s great for visibility and international recognition.”

One reader had this to say about Écorce’s logo for Berendo:

“I voted Berendo because it’s so slick and simple, yet gives off a certain feel that stayed in my head for a while. … A quick, elegant, purposeful, interesting logo with an easily identifiable letter that stays on my mind. This is a winner.”

Another voter said the following:

It’s simple and beautiful. At the same time it is very adaptive and recognizable.”

Judge Dave Gouveia, leading industry professional and designer and co-author of Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers, had this to say about Écorce’s design:

“Not many logos out there can mess with themselves but still retain the feel of the original. Almost similar in thought process to a Google doodle, each Berendo product icon works on an individual level, while maintaining brand recognition. While the color palette works great as a differentiator, all the icons would work extremely well in black and white too. Nice, solid mark.”

Will you and your team be among this year’s winners?

Generic_Competition_Logos_Logo_300x220NEW in the Logo Design Awards: This year we’re adding an IDENTITY APPLICATIONS category that will allow you to show off anything created in conjunction with a logo—business cards, letterheads, signage, websites, T-shirts, stamps, packaging, tote bags, other products, interactive elements, animated GIFs and more.

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