Cameron Moll on Why HIDC Is THE Interactive Event to Attend

Some designers are simply everywhere you turn, and Cameron Moll is one of those designers. Speaker, author, philanthropist – all integrated into his love of design – he  seems to be contributing to the industry conversation around every corner.

Cameron Moll

Cameron brings a rich history of design across all mediums, from letterpress art to mobile and marketing, uniquely positioning him to connect with designers of all areas of expertise. With his hand in many projects (and over 47,000 twitter followers!), we’re thrilled to introduce Cameron as a HOW Interactive Design Advisory Board member for our fourth annual event.

Cameron joins an all star lineup of design practitioners making up the Advisory Board. Together, the team comprised of David Sherwin of frog, Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science and Program Director Christopher Butler of Newfangled, developed a program geared to working designers. It’s the right mix of theory and practice to give you a solid foundation in web design principles, as well as real-world strategies you’ll use to solve actual design problems when you’re back at the office.

Working closely with the Advisory Board, I was able to touch base with Cameron about his thoughts on this year’s interactive programming …

Cameron Moll on Why HIDC Is THE Interactive Event to Attend

cameron moll

What’s especially exciting about working in this industry, Cameron?

I’ve been designing for the web since the dotcom heyday of the late 90s. It’s been a roller coaster ride of spacer gifs, Flash intros, table layouts, and all of the fantastic techniques that have since
replaced those not-so-savvy techniques. I’ve seen a similar evolution since writing a book on mobile web design in 2007, right before the first iPhone was released. My how the industry is different today, and what a ride it’s been adapting to it.

HOW Interactive Conference Series 2014

HOW Interactive Design Conference 2014

We knew graphic designers needed a conference specifically for them, to stay current on the trends and developments at the intersection of technology and design. That’s why the same team that brings you HOW Design Live, the world’s largest creative event, developed the HOW Interactive Design Conference back in 2011. So from the beginning, we’ve worked with well-respected web design experts to shape the direction of each year’s program.

This year, we’re bringing HOW Interactive Design Conference to three cities:

Washington, D.C. September 3 – 5
Chicago October 19 – 21
San Francisco November 17 – 19

Choose your city and walk away with a clearer understanding of the must-know trends and developments in the field of interactive design. It’s the kind of tactical, practical knowledge you need to implement – to impact your work immediately.

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