Change Your Design Career at HIDC Chicago

When I consider today’s designer, I see someone who’s nimble and ever-evolving. A shape-shifter of sorts. Today’s designer is open to learning what she needs to know to get the job done the right way. I’m consistently impressed by the community of web designers who adopt new skills and aptitudes for the web, by learning new coding languages, tools and software, and agile methods for efficient workflow.

Why do the best designers strive to keep growing and learning? Because the more design chops you have to draw upon, the more equipped you are to handle the various projects and scenarios that are thrown your (or your team’s) way. Today’s successful design professionals demonstrate fluency across various media, leveraging new skills to strive for a seamless user-experience while preserving aesthetic appeal.

So wherever you’re located along web design continuum – and no matter how advanced or new you are to the interactive space – we’re certain that continuing to grow is the surefire way to a fulfilling and successful design career.

What’s the Future of Design?

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To quote a very brilliant designer, and our current Program Director, Christopher Butler, “No, you’re not late.” Trust us, you’re not.

The design industry moves and shakes with every bend and blur in technology, constantly readjusting to the changes. At HOW, we’re evolving with the world of design, anticipating the next move and what designers will need most. It’s all part of how we support designers – and continually examine what it means to design for the web and emerging tech.

One of the very best ways we know how to inspire, equip and inform our audience of designers and developers is through our HOW Interactive Design Conference series. If you’re like me and you had the privilege of attending the first HIDC in Washington D.C., you’re likely still basking in the explosion of gray matter we tapped into.

There was an unprecendented amount of useful information to fill our minds and run home with: From new take-aways about information design to exploring the “empathy gap” with Dan Hon and an inspirational talk by Debbie Millman.

How Do You Identify? Designer, Developer … or Both?

If you’re on a team that produces for the web, we’ve curated our HIDC events with you specifically in mind. Whether you’re flying solo and doing it all, tag teaming as a designer/dev, or virtually any other design scenario, it’s more important than ever to successfully communicate your perspective to your partner or team.

Speaking the same language is a critical component to meeting objectives and getting a job out the door in a timely, efficient manner (and into the client’s hands). At the HOW Interactive Design Conference series, it’s our mission to address common pain points and help teams smooth out the design process.

Who’s Who at HOW Interactive Design Conference Chicago?

We’ve stacked the deck with fourteen of the industry’s brightest minds to help you access the latest web design trends and strategies to take back to your team. So if you missed D.C., Chicago is right around the corner. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store …

Content Strategist and A List Apart Writer, Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Sara W-B; design career

One of the queens of content strategy, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, will be gracing the stage of HIDC Chicago with new insights into bringing harmony to the content process. With so many stakeholders in the process, she’ll guide us through best practices to keep everyone engaged and in tune.

User Experience Architect, Andy Fitzgerald

Andy Fitzgerald is a user experience architect working at frog Seattle, with a vested interest in language and meaning. “We’ve gotten pretty good as a design community at creating responsive layouts,” says Fitzgerald, and we’re beginning to catch on to the power of adaptive content. Yet: we still build brittle, one-size-fits-all information architectures. How do we create systems of categories and labels that scale effectively across desktop, tablet, and phone (and soon even wrist) form factors?”

Drawing on linguistics, perception and embodiment, Fitzgerald will walk us through a strategy for creating flexible, scalable information systems that both speak to users and accommodate devices. Interested yet?

Developer, Designer and Author, Brian Wood

Brian Wood is web developer/designer, accomplished author and certified trainer. As an advocate for designers to evolve their skill sets, he’s proven masterful at bridging that designer/developer divide. In Chicago, he’ll talk Adobe trusted tools and best practices: “New ways to work with the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My two-hour workshop will deliver on tips and features including working with Typekit fonts, Adobe Generator, Extract for PSD, and more—guaranteed to save you time.”

And … Be mesmerized by the design genius and allure of keynote speaker Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister + Walsh

biophoto2; design career

That’s not all! We’ve included Catherine Farman of Happy Cog, Cassie McDaniel of Mozilla and more …

It’s Time to Grow Your Design Career at HIDC

I’ll leave you with inspiring words from design icon Debbie Millman: “If you’re still trying, there’s still lots of potential that [your dream] will happen.” 

Come grow with us at HOW Interactive Design Conference in Chicago, October 19-21, and change the limits of your design career. When you register two or more people from the same company, you’ll save an extra $50 per person off the best price! 

Hurry—sign up by September 30 for your best deal.

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