Clarissa Peterson on More Accessible Responsive Web Design

I have to admit, here at HOW we have very good instincts for pinpointing designers who are making a unique mark in the industry. So when web design maven Clarissa Peterson popped up on our radar (for a variety of reasons), we asked her to speak at the 2014 HOW Interactive Design Conference in Washington D.C., September 3-5…

Why were we so impressed? For starters, her design gigs have included the high profile and versatile ranks of the Library of Congress, AARP and Ralph Nader, to name a few. It’s an impressive and sophisticated resume (to say the least), but that’s not even the best part.

Clarissa Peterson has a penchant for change. A self-proclaimed “nomad,” she’s moved around the United States, living everywhere from Houston to Chicago to D.C. (including a stint on the road). Clarissa decided to put roots down in Montreal earlier this year, and made it official becoming a permanent resident. Alongside her husband, the designing duo runs Peterson/Kandy, a web consultancy.

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Perhaps this is why Clarissa is uniquely positioned for success in web designin this ever-changing interactive climate. She’s not braced for change, she’s a change-seeker. And her posture of openness and adventure goes a long way in the web design world.

Clarissa Peterson on Responsive Web Design

Speaking of this brave new world, there’s no question that “responsive” has been a buzz word in the web design community since Ethan Marcotte coined the term in 2010. That said, no one claimed it was going to be easy to design with a fluid grid, in the age of multiple screens. That’s where Clarissa comes in. She’s passionate about responsive design and about making it more accessible to design (and design-related) professionals.

responsive web designClarissa’s passionate about responsive web design. Her recent book, Learning Responsive Web Design, is aptly named and reflects this interest. I became interested in responsive web design when the idea was first being discussed,” Clarissa explains, “but I felt like it was often presented in a way that was very developer-focused, which made the topic less accessible to everyone else who works on creating websites – such as designers, content strategists, project managers and UX designers.”

Since she began speaking and writing on responsive design, she’s worked hard to demystify the topic: “I’ve tried to make the ideas behind responsive design understandable to a wider range of people.”

Clarissa Speaks on Responsive Web Design at HIDC

Many designers would argue that the interactive space is more challenging than ever. Especially in the face of new client demands and more decision-makers.

This is one reason driving our diligence to bring you the best when it comes to our conference speaker line-up. This year, with Clarissa and other top-notch web design experts, the HOW Interactive Design Conference will be bigger (and better) than ever before.

Don’t miss Clarissa’s session on responsive web design this September 3-5 at HOW Interactive Design Conference in D.C. Register by July 31 to save!





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