David Sherwin On Why HOW Interactive Conference Is Better Than Ever

HOW Interactive Design Conference has made a name for itself in the design world as THE web design conference geared specifically to designers. Just as designers’ needs are ever-evolving, our conference program also evolves to meet those needs. In fact, this year we’ve expanded our repertoire to bring you interactive content in a three-city seriesfocused on topics like user-experience, front-end, mobile, responsive design, content strategy, cross-platform design, and morespanning the east to west coasts!

Yes, you could say that we’ve franchised. And with each interactive event, we’re bringing the same high-octane programming you’ve come to expect from HOW. Now, there are simply more top-notch speakers and tangible take-aways than ever beforeand at three exciting locations!

HOW Interactive Design Conference 2014

HOW Interactive Conference Is Bigger and Better Than Ever

Each year the HOW Interactive Design Conference Advisory Board members carefully curate the topic areas to build a program that will truly speak to the audience. This year’s three events means more offerings than ever before, more techniques to expand your skill set and more opportunities to connect with other designers.

To highlight what’s in store for Washington D.C., San Francisco and Chicago, we caught up with HOW Interactive Advisory Board member and industry expert David Sherwin to talk conference planningand what he’s most excited about for the muti-city event …

HIDC; HOW Interactive Design Conference

What exactly is your role for the 2014 HOW Interactive Design Conference?
This year, I’ve been collaborating with the HIDC advisory board to help identify what practical and inspirational topic areas will be most relevant for interactive designers over the next year.

I’ll also be doing a talk about how interactive designers can approach designing for positive behavior. This isn’t only about what different interactive websites, apps and experiences are doing today to shift our behavior, but also about the ethics we need to have as interactive designers to ensure that we aren’t encouraging choices that have a net-negative effect on our world.

DavidSherwinWhy is this THE conference that interactive designers should be sure to attend?
Having been involved with helping advise this event over the past four years, I think this has been one of the most accessible and inclusive conferences, in terms of helping take an often complex subject and translate it into something that you can take and run with within your group.

I’d recommend designers go to this event if that’s what they’re seeking—processes and tools they can start using right away, and people that they can meet that are working through similar challenges.

How do you see this year’s three events as stronger than the single event? 
The three events have overlaps in terms of their particular topic areas, such as designing across platforms and responsive web design, but they will each have their own local flavor due to the speakers that we’ve invited. So when you’re at the San Francisco event, you may get a better sense of what’s happening within in-house groups and studios in that region, while in D.C., you’ll have more of the East Coast vibe.

What are you MOST excited for this year?
I’m excited to see all the speakers this year—it’s a great program! Though, while I’m in San Francisco, I’m excited to see Scott Snibbe talk about the work that he’s been doing with bringing music and play together in interactive applications, as I’m also a musician, and love the work he did with Bjork’s Biophilia application/album …

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HOW Interactive design Conference

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