HOW Design Conference: Convince Your Team It’s Time

So you want to go to HOW Design Live? This is the year to mobilize your team and reap the benefits of a world-class design experience. Why 2014? Because this year’s comprehensive program and offerings were developed to benefit your entire team. That’s right: you, your fellow creatives, even your boss!

Come May, your team could be rubbing elbows with the thousands of design professionals print to digital media, freelance to in-house, who descend upon Boston for five days of non-stop inspiration.

It’s the shot in the arm your team craves all year; the juice that fuels your profession and keeps your perspective fresh. This year your team can experience it all in the flesh. And we’re here to help you make it happen.

With the all-star line-up including keynote speakers like Stefan Sagmeister, Seth Godin Daniel Pink, Christine Mau and Stanley Hainsworth, and the totally customizable conference format, you have more than enough arsenal to convince decision-makers that this is the year to send the entire team to HOW Design Live.

HOW Design Conference

A Team Investment with a Lasting Return: HOW Design Live

How do you make yourself more valuable? You’ve heard it before: “diversify your craft,” “enhance your skillset.” Here’s your chance. There’s never been a richer, more diverse conference program aimed at every designer’s needs.

Power In Numbers: Get MORE from HOW Design Live

As you contemplate your plan to “convince your boss,” consider HOW Design Live as a powerful tool to reinvigorate the entire creative staff. Instead of pitching the conference as an event to spawn more creativity and better products from you, present the HOW Design Conference as a growth opportunity for you, your team and the big boss.

The Very Best Team-building (You Can’t Recreate at the Office)

Imagine spending time away from the office and daily grind – a team retreat of sorts – to recharge the creative minds who power your business. Bringing the team together at the world’s largest creative gathering is a surefire way to garner learning, sharing, networking, partnering and, of course, team-building. And through this collaborative experience comes renewal and rejuvenation.

“Tag-Team” to Maximize Your HOW Design Live

We’re always asked, How can I see it all? With scores of sessions happening simultaneously this year (6 sessions at a time!) and thousands of people to meet and many more ideas to share, a “tag-team” approach is the most efficient way to maximize your conference experience and its benefits. More teammates means more takeaways to exchange and build upon when you’re sitting around the conference table or brainstorming your next big project.

HOW Design Live, Stefan Mumaw

There’s so much good stuff happening simultaneously at HOW that my team of different disciplines and interests can experience different sessions and then report back to the group what they took away. We would do this at dinner each night – we’d get together and share what we learned. It makes for a richer experience when we start brainstorming how to apply the things we learned to actual projects back at the shop…                    – Stefan Mumaw, HOW Design Live veteran speaker 

Back by popular demand, your team can experience the creative expertise of fan favorite speakers like Stefan Mumaw, Justin Ahrens, Sam Harrison and Jim Krause. They deliver what the HOW Design Conference was built on: tools for creative renewal and re-energizing your design life. It’s time your team felt the fever HOWies (HOW followers and repeat conference attendees) keep coming back for at HOW Design Live.


More Sessions than Ever – Crafted for Creative Leaders

HOW Design Live now caters to creative executives and managers like never before. The 2014 addition of Debbie Millman’s HOW Leadership Conference marks the beginning of a brand new era. Hand-chosen thought leaders and industry icons at the top of their game will challenge and enlighten in this program designed specifically for industry leaders. Trust us, this is boss-worthy.

A Conference for Every Designer: Make It Your Own!

We know that designers know how to inspire other designers. And at HOW Design Live, we’ve hand-chosen the very best designers representing a broad range of mediums and disciplines to reignite your passion for what you do every day. Over 80 sessions covering a spectrum of design-related subjects gives your team the opportunity to customize and personalize. Perhaps your team will divide based on area of expertise or interest, conquer and re-join forces again at the end of each day.

Hear It From the HOWies

HOW Design ConferenceWith this year’s changes to HOW Live, there’s no way for a solo attendee to see all the sessions. Having a team, with a plan of attack, will pay great dividends for your company. And, of course, networking is ALWAYS better with a teammate. I’ve found striking up a conversation when you’re with a stranger is much easier when you have a wingman…

-Keith Smith (AKA “Smitcat”), Pacific Communications


The HOW Conference gives our creatives a chance to recharge their batteries while refreshing their creative juices. We value their work and want them to stay up to date with the latest trends while staying true to our brand. A great ROI! 

– Calvin Ng, Brown and Caldwell


It’s Your Year for HOW Design Live…

HOW Design Conference





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