Designers and Developers of the World, Unite!

The era of throwing your comp over the wall to a developer is behind us. As it turns out, many designers are developing and developers are designing. The new, modern designer is a shape-shifting creative force—an evolving professional who does it all (or aspires to).

The Evolving Creative Who Does It All

It may sound trite or perhaps cliched, but it’s true: The client typically gets what the client wants. Why? Well, there’s nothing like being motivated by a client who is pushing for a specific look, tool or function. If you’ve never worked with a certain software (maybe Javascript?), and you need it to properly execute a project—chances are you’re going to begin learning for the sake (and success) of the project (or at least ask a friend to help you out). Designers and developers alike are notoriously self-taught and hungry for more. They are fearless group, driven to absorb more knowledge all the time.

How can you continue to grow in an ever-changing digital design landscape?

An Explosion of Gray Matter at HOW Interactive Conference


Cameron Moll and his Brooklyn Bridge poster project.

If you’ve ever been to a HOW Design Live show, you know the level of creativity and inspiration we consistently deliver—not to mention the new knowledge that attendees are uniquely positioned to receive at our events. This year, we’re bringing an extra dose of creative juice to accompany the interactive tools and strategy at HOW Interactive Design Conference series.

How can we possibly be more inspiring? Jessica Walsh. Stefan Mumaw. Justin Ahrens and Von Glitchka. We’ve stacked our program with the creativity dreamteam, sure to engage and help you rethink how you recharge. Sprinkled between sessions about responsive web design with Clarissa Peterson and designing across platforms with Cameron Moll, you’ll have access to the very latest methods used by creativity experts, like improv techniques and tips for more productive brainstorming to elicit breakthrough thinking among your team.

With the constant movement and overlap within design and development, is there anything creative professionals can count on?

how interactive

Sara Wachter-Boettcher to speak at HIDC Chicago.

You can count on the folks at HOW to bring the inspiration and creativity we’re known for. The HOW Interactive Design Conference series is designed for you, designer and/or developer. You’ll receive the latest tactical Adobe advice from Brian Wood, as well as the shot-in-the-arm you need to fire up your design practice. Here’s a peek at what’s in store at HOW Interactive Design Conference, as Karen McGrane discusses the importance of content—and how we can reformulate how we think about it … and “embrace its inherent flexibility” …


Join us at HIDC and give both sides of your brain the exercise they need and deserve!

How about adding some award-winning work to that portfolio? Enter your best interactive work in HOW’s International Design Competition. Hurry to make the September 30th deadline!

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