Experience the Wonder of Interactive Design at HIDC This Fall

We’re serious about a few things here at HOW, and inspiration is one of them. Wonder, delight? Yes, those too…

THE Web Conference Focused On DesignJam-packed with HOW-style Inspiration

We figured out a secret some time ago: Designers need other designers as sources of inspiration. And that’s where we come in: We facilitate the meetings of the minds at our conferences.

We bring designers together to share, think, learn and experience the kind of magic that’s only possible in the company of other practitioners. And with world-class speakers to boot, our events reignite even the dimmest creative flame.

Our devoted attendees have come to expect serious, game-changing inspiration from HOW Design Live each yearand we’ve consistently upped the ante.

interactive design

This fall we’re delivering on your request for more interactive stimulation. We’ve ramped up our HOW Interactive Design Conference program to span three cities and give you more of the best in interactive skills, tools and stimulation. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from HOW Design Live with a purely interactive focus.  

Why are we so committed to inspiring designers? Because you are, after all, the masters of inspiration. You’re commissioned to inspire the world (and that’s no easy feat!). How many times designers tasked with producing new concepts for clients, wireframes and websites again and again? You’re asked to craft, create and make anew. Let’s face it: the masses rely on you. 

Design is everywhere we turn, around every corner and upon every website search. So if anyone deserves a little shot-in-the-arm, it’s the creative ranks for sure. That’s why the HOW Interactive Design Conference is so committed to bringing web designers together to discuss the latest developments in the field.


Designers learn from other designers. Information architecture and cross-platform design are two critical interactive topics you’ll dig into at HIDC. Surrounded by leading experts and working designers like yourself, you’ll learn how to better choose typographical solutions that don’t sacrifice elegance, work more effectively with clients and developers, and more—all from high-profile designers who have worked on major interactive projects for the likes of Nike, GE and Facebook. 

Don’t wait! Register by midnight on the 31st and save!