HOW Interactive Conference: Convince Your Boss

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to attend HOW Interactive Design Conference with our top-notch speaker line-up and three city spread, here are a few more reminders why you’ll want to join us at the best web design event of the year…

Need some fresh ideas to move your boss off of the proverbial fence?

So you’re vying to attend HIDC, but the boss isn’t quite yet convinced? These key reminders should push your leader off of the fence and into sweet decision-making territory.

HIDC; HOW Interactive design

  • The Power of HOW. If there are two things we know here at HOW, it’s design and conferences. The interactive event series is no different. The team behind the epic HOW Design Live brings all of the inspiration, passion and practical takeaways we’re known for, with an interactive spin, for a three-city event focused on any designer working in the interactive space. In other words: We won’t overwhelm you with programming and code. But our experts WILL cover the skills you need to enhance and expand your web design practice.
  • Serious Brands. How about FitbitEtsyAnthropologieGETwitterPepsiCo and Google? Heard of them?? We’ve lined up experts to share their stories about working on these heavy-hitting brands and more. At HOW Interactive Design Conference, you’ll learn the processes and tools the pros use and how you can apply these strategies to your own work. 
  • Serious Speakers. When we tout that our program has never looked better, we mean it. Our roster boasts the likes of Ethan Marcotte, Scott Snibbe, Dan Hon, Cap Watkins, Geoff Teehan and many other inspirational speakers and designers of our time.

How did we do it? We let the experts guide our speaker selection – because why wouldn’t we ask the pros who know? Our discerning advisory board, led by Christopher Butler of Newfangled, has a hand on the pulse of the industry, and this board hand-selects the very best speakers on the circuit. The outcome is a robust line-up that covers the most critical aspects of web design you face each day. You’ll delve into the real world problems in design that impact your professional life, and hear how seasoned experts approach the work.

HIDC; HOW Interactive Design

Take these reasons and convince your boss today. 

HOW Interactive Design Conference is a multi-city event this fall, starting September 3 – 5 in Washington, D.C. with additional dates in Chicago and San Francisco. It’s the only web conference specifically for designers, dedicated to the process and practice of web design.

Sign up today to secure your spot in Washington, D.C., Chicago or San Francisco. 

Can’t wait until September to get your interactive stimulation fix? Catch web design guru Paul Boag’s Design Tutorial “Are We Approaching Digital All Wrong?” July 31.