How to Get Business Out of HOW Design Conference

We’ve embarked upon the age of the freelancer, the design entrepreneur and the independent contractor. Yes, these ranks are growing, and the competition for client attention is steeper than ever before.

How do you get more visibility in a field full of up-and-comers, fresh new talent and seasoned freelance pros? Develop (and redevelop) your strategic business approach. It’s your year to become a valued business partner—and we’re going to help you do it.

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How to Get Business Out of the HOW Design Conference

Here at HOW, we’ve taken notice of the movement towards design entrepreneurs and freelance initiatives. After all, we have a pulse on the industry trends—and we’ve been partnering with Ilise Benun, the queen of all things freelance, for quite some time.

Each year we bring you the latest information about how to build your business as a freelance designer, and this year we’re bringing even more practical content than ever before with our revamped Creative Freelancers Business Conference program.

Making the Most of the Robust Networking Forum

If you’re coming to HOW Design Live with the intention to drum up some business for yourself, bravo. And if you’re looking forward to soaking up all of the wisdom from Tom Tumbush, Alina Wheeler and the allstar line-up of thought leaders including Seth Godin and Daniel Pink—that’s fantastic! It’s why we curate such a hard-hitting, tactical program with easy-to-implement takeaways.

HOW Design COnference; CFBC

We also want to help you to see the Creative Freelancers Business Conference as not only a place to recharge and reinvigorate—but also as THE networking and business-generating opportunity of a lifetime! You don’t want to waste a single second of this remarkable opportunity to meet potential clients and make yourself known to the industry at large.

Re-evaluate, Re-invent, Re-imagine Your Business Strategy 

In light of the upcoming CFBC event, I caught up with Ilise Benun for her go-to best practices for drumming up business at this year’s events. It turns out that it’s as simple as saying “hello.”

Ilise Benun’s Top 3 Tips for Making Connections and Building Business:

  1. Don’t sit alone. When you enter one of the rooms where a session is about to begin, don’t find the most remote place to sit. Instead, sit next to someone who’s already in the audience.
  2. Talk to strangers. Don’t be shy. When you sit down next to someone you don’t know, smile and say hello. Introduce yourself and ask what other sessions they’ve attended. Or whether they slept well last night. Anything to get a conversation going.
  3. Make a connection. If you’re looking for prospects or collaborators, steer the conversation in that direction by asking questions related to the work you do and the work they may need.

For example, if you’re looking for freelancers, ask your neighbor if they know any good ones. If you’re a freelancer looking for work, ask what kinds of projects your new acquaintance focuses on and if they bring in outside help.

Whether you’re on your own, working in-house or managing a team of creatives, let these top 3 tips be the catalyst for greater business potential. Often, it doesn’t matter what you say in these contexts, just that you say something to start the conversation. (And don’t play the “I’m shy” card at this event … Wrangle every bit of nerve you have—because this one is worth it!!)

Make Your Strategic Conference Experience Count

With a pulse on the design industry like no other brand, we know the kind of potential that lies in the hands of thousands of attendees. Join designers and creative teams from over than 1,400 companies to rub elbows with the best in the biz. This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to build your business and connect! Make it happen.

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