Give Yourself the Gift of Inspiration

So, you’ve done all your holiday shopping, decked the halls, planned the meals … now it’s time to do a little something nice for you. Like making plans for HOW Design Live 2015. It’s just the gift you need to recharge your creative energy, transform your career path, upgrade your design skills and, well, make 2015 your best year yet.

Budgets for next year are being set as 2014 winds down, so now’s the time to make your case to attend HOW Design Live in Chicago next May. We know your boss make take a bit of convincing. So here’s a bit of tactical advice on getting your manager to buy into sending you to HOW Design Live next year:

It’s not about you. To be effective, any persuasive argument has to focus on what’s in it for the person you’re trying to persuade. (That would be the “persuadee” — or, your boss.) What does the boss have to gain by sending you to HOW?

  • You’ll learn ways to improve your team’s collaboration and processes
  • You’ll pick up new design skills to make your own work better
  • You’ll bring back all kinds of materials — handouts, lecture notes, paper samples, information about industry partners — that you can share with the team

You promise to present your findings. Plan to attend sessions that apply not just to you, but to your team. Book time after the conference for a presentation where you share everything you learned at HOW Design Live. Make copies of your notes and handouts.

You’ve earned it. Be ready to justify your attendance by pointing to your on-the-job successes this year. Did you wow a client with your work? Did you save the agency money on a project? Did you pitch in on a fire-drill project? Asking to attend HOW Design Live is like asking for a raise: You have to show that you’ve earned it.

Your boss will look awesome. Think of all the best practices you’ll learn, the new ideas you’ll bring back, the new tools and technologies you’ll hear about. All of it goes toward improving your work and that of your team. Your boss will get the credit.

Draft an e-mail and send a link to the HOW Design Live website. Or better yet, make your case in person. (Bring a plate full of cookies.) Catch the boss while she’s in a festive mood. And we’ll see you in Chicago.

Happy holidays and new year from all of us at HOW Design Live!