HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Conference: What You Need to Know

If you’re an in-house creative professional who’s been tasked with managing digital assets, you may have found that sorting through prior filing systems or tracking down the most recent logo eats up valuable work time (not to mention creative brainpower).

Here at HOW, we know that managing projects and digital assets is a major undertaking. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our in-house project management guru Andy Epstein, for one day of conference programming that meets all of your asset/content/project management needs.

HOW Digital Asset + Project Management Forum

Digital Asset Mgmt Conference

The trusted HOW brand has served in-house designers, managers and executives for decades. Now we’re stepping up to educate this population on the importance of digital asset management—and how to execute a logistical strategy at your organization, without the fuss.

An intensive, one-day HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Conference on November 6th will teach you the skills you need to implement an asset management strategy when you return to the office.

Asset management is critical and timely for in-house professionals moving forward, as more assets are being stored digitally. So whether you’re managing content and/or projects, having a go-to solution in place is the key to saving time, money and cultivating a happier, more productive team.

What Are Digital Assets?

In the creative world, we often talk about assets when we discuss our projects. To get a clear definition of what “assets” actually constitutes, we went to the asset management pro Andy Epstein.

“Often misconstrued and thought to be strictly the illustrations, photographs etc. a team may purchase, in reality digital assets are a broader body of documents and files,” Andy explains. “They include any and all assets created by the inhouse team, from powerpoint presentations to final files for brochures.”

Why Do You Need the Digital Asset & Project Management Conference?

Digital Asset Management

As creative professionals, you interface with various teams, departments and clients who expect a wide range of deliverables. A solid digital asset management solution in place will yield a smoother process from start to finish, with better deliverables for the client.

Good asset management means easier updating to projects that are in-process. Easier filing processes. Need to retrieve or update a prior project? A clear system makes it easier for your team to keep track of past projects, stay on top of daily workflow and track productivity.

Build a Top Notch In-House Team with Better Asset Management

Don’t get bogged down by trying to solve your company’s digital asset management issues. HOW’s one-day, one-stop conference walks you through the ins and outs of asset and project management. You’ll find out how to build a management system from the ground up or refine a system that’s already in place—for greater team success and creative productivity!

Hear It from the Experts

Want to hear how asset management is being executed by the pros? Get personal stories from industry experts and learn how they approach day-to-day change and challenges. You’ll hear how implementing solid strategy trickles down to every aspect of their work!

If you have the potential to impact your company’s digital asset management, don’t miss Digital Asset & Project Management Conference this November 6th in Chicago. Register today!

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