Digital Asset Solution: What Every In-House Team Needs

Whether your in-house team is large or more modest-sized, it’s safe to say that every creative team has multiple files floating around—not to mention multiple versions and repurposed files. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to track and locate the most up-to-date files for a project, or sheer confusion when borrowing assets from an older, legacy project.

HOW Brings You a Digital Asset Solution

The trusted HOW brand has joined forces with digital asset and project management expert extraordinaire Andy Epstein, and his team of seasoned pros, for the one-day HOW Digital Asset & Project Management Conference November 6th in Chicago. This event is what every in-house manager and creative executive needs for smoother day-in/day-out operations.

HOW DA&PM Event with Andy Epstein

Why You Need HOW’s Digital Asset & Project Management Event 

  • Every file is in its place. Stop losing valuable time with team members searching longer than necessary to locate the files they need for a given project. Know where your digital assets live.
  • A simplified process. It’s common for in-house teams to have multiple people archiving assets, making it confusing and time-consuming to hunt down the right ones. Putting an digital asset solution in place will dramatically impact and simplify this process.
  • No more name games. Asset management systems streamline file-naming conventions and help redirect files to one, centralized location.
  • Less chances for regulatory mishaps. When your assets are in order, you have more understanding of what is running where and what’s been repurposed, etc. Organizing your files will reduce team frustration— and the chances of misusing an asset that no longer meets legal or regulatory standards.

Digital Asset Mgmt Conference

What Are Digital Assets?

The short answer: “Any assets created by your team AND what’s purchased outside of what the group is working on,” explains HOW’s go-to guru, Andy Epstein. If you’re looking for more details about what constitutes digital assets and how to manage them for your team’s optimal benefit, get the full story at the HOW Digital Asset & Project Management event.

There are many reasons to get a digital asset plan in place, and the best place to start is with the pros. If you’re in a position to influence your company’s asset management, register today!

Catch two great HOW events in one place! Check out the HOW Interactive Design Conference, November 5-7 in Chicago! 

HIDC 2013Hear what our speakers are saying about the event: 

“There are plenty of conferences to pick from that cover every aspect of the web, but what I love about the HOW Interactive Design Conference is that we always keep it so tightly focused on designer-related issues…”

– Patrick McNeil, Creator,