HOW Interactive Conference Kicks Off in D.C.

Today marks the kick-off of the first of three top-notch interactive events in the industry. The 2014 HOW Interactive Design Conference series is nothing short of mighty–and it’s in absolute HOW style: Big name designers, information you want and need, and plenty of fun to be had in between …

So, What’s in Store Wednesday at HOW Interactive D.C.?

Glad you asked.

Industry Experts. We’ll hear from keynote Geoff Teehan on surviving the dot-com bust, as well as HOW fan favorite and accomplished designer/author/speaker Brian Miller. And, because we’re always staying abreast of new and emerging industry experts, we’re bringing brand new faces and ideas into the HIDC fold, like Alexa Curtis, Mike Arauz and Jenn Lukas.

HIDC pros are at the top of their game—they’re designers who have done game-changing work for Google, GE, Nike, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Disney and other cutting-edge brands. They’ll walk you through the processes and decisions that led to their most successful work.

Alexa Curtis: Designer and Researcher

new alexa

Director, Moment
Expert on Designing for Evolving Technology
Clients include: ESPN, Walt Disney

Alexa hit the stage with surprises to share (the world’s smallest textbook!), knowledge to bear and executed with grace and empathy for designers.

For the very first time, she rolled out her “product life cycle” to the world – her own organic concept with five key phases. Each phase typically involves various goals, moving from “new product definition” all the way to “product retirement.” Alexa is methodical and agile in the ways she approaches products because of her expansive experience in user-centered design. It’s impressive.

Geoff Teehan of Teehan+Lax

Blue hoodie clad Geoff Teehan is humble and kind, and he cares about what he’s presenting. He takes the stage with a presentation he calls “Untitled” – because he cares about content. No fancy deck or elaborate slides, Geoff speaks from his real experiences. He shares what he’s learned over the years in this industry.

Reflection. Trends. Aesthetics. “Do styles help or hinder what someone’s trying to accomplish?” These are the questions Teehan continues to ask himself and his firm. 600 projects later Teehan+Lax is something to behold.

“The simplest problems are typically the most difficult to solve.” -Geoff Teehan

HIDC; how interactive

Co-Founder, Teehan+Lax
Clients include: Google, Yahoo, Prismatic, Facebook,
The Weather Network, LG, YouTube, Medium, FlipBoard

What else can you look forward to at HIDC this week?

Getting up-to-speed on the most important topics in interactive design. The HIDC Advisory Board has done it again. Led by Christopher Butler, they’ve shaped our conference programming around the web design topics designers need to know to stay relevant today. Responsive design, behavior design and content strategy are just a few of this year’s topics to explore.

A web design education that keeps on teaching. 
Yes, every HOW Interactive Design Conference attendee receives access to five FREE HOW University courses to keep you engaged when you’re back home. You’ll also get access to all videotaped sessions from the event, regardless of how many days you registered for—so you can share your new knowledge and skills with the rest of my team. Solid, right?

It’s still not too late to join us in D.C. We’re offering one-day passes for those designers who need to minimize time away from the office. So if you’re local to D.C., come share in the enlightenment and energy for just a day … Need to convince your boss? We’ve got you covered.

Can’t make it to the capital? Catch us in Chicago, October 19-21, or San Francisco, November 17-19.