Scaling History: A Logo Design for the Ages

Ideogram has received praise from all corners of the world regarding its logo design for Oxlot 9, which was the reader’s choice winner in HOW’s Logo Design Awards last year. “This restaurant is very personal [to] its founder, Chef Jeffrey Hansell, so we wanted to help tell his story while being true to Covington, [LA],” says Brian Authement, creative director at Ideogram.

History played a large role in the founding of the restaurant, as Oxlot 9 is actually located on Covington’s Ox-lot No. 9, a French-inspired space in the center of the city block where farmers used to park their oxen while in town to sell crops.


Project: Oxlot 9 Identity | Firm: Ideogram, Birmingham, AL; | Client: Oxlot 9 | Creative Team: Brian Authement, creative director

“The main idea behind the mark was combining a fish and a nine,” Authement says. “The scales of the fish mimic the diamond-shaped city blocks of the ox-lots. The hand-drawn ‘etching’ style speaks to the classic nature of the restaurant and to the history of the area.”

Ideogram had the added challenges of both conveying that Oxlot 9 is a seafood restaurant—not a steakhouse, as the name might lead some to believe—and executing the design in a way that would best support its concept. “It took over a month to really nail the style,” Authement says. “Early sketches were too stylized and simple. I had to draw the fish a few hundred times to really get it right.”

2014 Awards Judge Dave Gouveia, leading industry professional and designer and co-author of Creative Stuff: An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers, had this to say about the logo design: “The hidden concepts that went into this logo amaze me. And I say that because I’m usually not a fan of cramming too many ideas into one … but the fish alone speaks to 1) seafood 2) the geographic location of the restaurant (diamond pattern) 3) evoking of a historical time period and lastly 4) the number 9. So with all these ideas in there, it still managed to be uncluttered and interesting. Very well done.”

And one Reader’s Choice Best of Show award voter had this to say: “The logo for Oxlot 9 is powerful in its simplicity, elegance, and attention to detail. It is a beautiful, effective, memorable piece.”

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Generic_Competition_Logos_Logo_300x220NEW in the Logo Design Awards: This year we’re adding an IDENTITY APPLICATIONS category that will allow you to show off anything created in conjunction with a logo—business cards, letterheads, signage, websites, T-shirts, stamps, packaging, tote bags, other products, interactive elements, animated GIFs and more.

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  1. SGossmann

    I loved this design when I saw it in the summer issue and still do. As a designer starting out I am always looking for inspiration and direction on how to present your work effectively, Ideogram shows how that is done.