In-House Inspiration

Working as an in-house designer requires many things, one of which is the ability to perform as if you are a member of a human pyramid. Needless to say, this can sometimes feel like an acrobatic act. But the HOW team knows you can pull it off—we’ve seen your excellence evidenced time and time again in the inventive work you churn out.

And because HOW isn’t just any design magazine—because we want to inform you, inspire you, celebrate you—we’re proud to present our In-House Inspiration issue, now on newsstands.

What will you find inside?

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The gorgeous cover, Illustration by Javier Jaén ( Charcuterie Block typeface by Laura Worthington ( Flourishes © digiselector and bluepen ( Art direction by Adam Ladd.

Advice for the In-House Designer

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Supercharge Your In-House Team: A video from Ed Roberts

For starters, a little advice on how to create the safety net that you need for both yourself and your team by preparing now for the inevitable—change—in Glenn John Arnowitz‘ “Design Preppers.” Because even the smallest change can do a number on a human pyramid, if you’re not ready for it.

And about that pyramid—you’ll also learn how locking in an iron-clad infrastructure will help make your team that much stronger in Andy Epstein‘s “Creative Operations.” Take note this new year: It’s time to assess the underlying process and mechanisms that grease the creative wheels of your in-house group in order to help your team truly be its best. After all, “creative operations” is not a term that’s often thrown around in design school.

Creative Design Inspiration

Next, open your designer mind and heart for a little creative design inspiration from the superstar in-house team at NPR. As the world’s technological capabilities swing and soar, the NPR creatives remain at the forefront of crafting digital storytelling experiences for NPR’s vast audience. Get the behind-the-scenes details with Jason Tselentis‘ “NPR’s Delightful Design.”

And lastly, you’ll find our undying admiration of your work that is showcased in this year’s In-house Design Awards. In reviewing the 89 winners we—along with our distinguished judges Andy Brentis, Robin Colangelo and Ed Roberts—have come to a bold consensus: Design is redefining business as usual for companies big and small.

mw-how-imageYou’ll find all that and more in our In-House Inspiration issue.

But don’t stop there. Whether you work for a design firm, for an in-house creative department or for yourself, it’s our mission to serve the business, creativity and technology needs of graphic designers. So get your hands on all the latest issues of HOW