Kit Hinrichs’ Exclusive SF Views Cards

HOW Design Live has always been a great networking event. And while this year’s conference has passed, we wanted to tell you about a design project that provided a fun chance for attendees to network and learn more about other designers. Kit Hinrichs, who is always coming up with innovative ideas and designs, and HP partnered to create SF Views. This project presented 15 international designers’ impressions of San Francisco on unique designer cards.


Each card in the SF Views series is almost like the designer’s baseball card, providing the designer’s name and image (photograph or illustration) on the front. And the back reveals their impression of San Francisco, landmarks and some information about the designer, as well as the brand that paper was printed on (such as Mohawk, Appleton Coated, Neenah, and so on). Printed by HP Indigo digital presses on several different brands and types of paper, these cards are vibrant and detailed.


For example, Massimo Vignelli, founder of Vignelli Associates in New York, said the following about the city:

Summer temperature, suddenly a chilling wind, a drastic drop in temperature and awesome clouds billowing over the hill toward me. A preview of the end of the world. A city inside a cloud, not a fog, a real cold cloud. Would I survive? Is it real? The rampant clouds are rolling one over the other, gradually absorbing the city, vanishing it around me.


Attendees were encouraged to collect all of the cards by visiting certain HP booths. Those who were able to collect all 15 of the cards received an over-sized poster. Over 300 posters, signed by Kit Hinrichs or unsigned were given away. Five lucky winners also received a limited-edition Blurb book with Kit Hinrich’s signature. We can’t wait to see what other creative networking activities pop up next year!


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