Logo Design Awards: 9th Annual Winner Galleries

HOW is thrilled to present the 20 winners of the 9th Annual HOW Logo Design Awards in the gallery below. These winning projects were selected by Natasha Jen, partner at Pentagram, with support from the HOW editorial staff.

All 20 winners went head-to-head in an online Reader’s Choice voting. The Ad Victorem logo received 58% of votes in the logo design category, and the Yellow House logo by Brunet-Garcia Advertising received 35% in the identity applications category, making them the Reader’s Choice winners this year.

These two Reader’s Choice winners score a free Big Ticket registration to HOW Design Live 2018; are invited to take part in a main-stage trophy presentation at HOW Design Live; get a lunch date with a HOW Design Live speaker of their choice (pending speaker availability); and are invited to attend the official Speaker Reception with industry movers and shakers at HOW Design Live (one individual from the winning team plus one guest will be permitted). Not to mention, they’ll score attention as featured projects here on HOWdesign.com (stay tuned for those spotlights)!

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Reader’s Choice in the Logo Design Category: Ad Victorem Logo

DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Ad Victorem, Los Angeles; www.advictorem.design
CREATIVE TEAM Anthony Wiktor, Freddy Nager, Greg Nicpon
Ad Victorem (Latin for “Towards Victory”) is a brand strategy + design agency that takes creative and strategic risks to help challenger brands outwit and outmaneuver the competition.

Reader’s Choice in the Identity Application Category: Yellow House

DESIGN FIRM Brunet-Garcia Advertising, Jacksonville, FL; www.brunetgarcia.com
CREATIVE TEAM Jorge Brunet-García, executive creative director; Eduardo Sarmiento, creative director; Aerien Mull, art director/designer
CLIENT Yellow House
DETAILS Yellow House’s brand identity, inspired by social movement and activism design, is as big and resonant as its mission to leverage the power of art to transform communities. More than a physical space, Yellow House is a hub for collaboration among artists, writers, organizations and communities through thought-provoking exhibitions, education, events and dialogue. The simple icon is based on the actual slope of the Yellow House roofline. Images appear underneath, within or around the mark, which can be drawn, painted, tagged, chalked, sprayed, printed, cut or assembled—by anyone—giving the power of art to the community it serves. 

Winners in the Logo Design Category

1. A New Brand Identity for USP

DESIGN FIRM Siegel+Gale, New York City; www.siegelgale.com
CREATIVE TEAM Kate Hilliard, creative director; Jonathan Field, design director
DETAILS United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), with over 200 years of storied history, sought to better communicate how their organization’s work has developed. From building roads in Ghana to helping to increase safety and health standards in third world countries, USP needed to tell their new story. After extensive qualitative research, Siegel+Gale developed the positioning for USP, “building foundations essential for a healthier world.” To express this new identity visually, Siegel+Gale developed a comprehensive visual system. The triangle of USP’s new logo strikes a balance between science, precision and rigor—core tenets of USP’s values. The precision of the point of the triangle represents USP’s focus on quality. And the base of the triangle represents USP’s promise to build foundations essential for a healthier world.

2. A New Identity for GroundTruth, the Global Location Technology Company

DESIGN FIRM Siegel+Gale, New York City; www.siegelgale.com
CREATIVE TEAM Austyn Stevens, creative director; Kira Sea, senior designer
CLIENT GroundTruth
DETAILS GroundTruth was really at a pivotal moment in their business growth. They had the ingredients that set them apart—superior location technology and a hungry startup culture. They engaged Siegel+Gale because they needed a way to differentiate themselves from their competition and tell their story in a breakthrough way. “This rebrand allows us to tell a bigger story around location, setting us up for the next ten years of innovation,” said Monica Ho, CMO, GroundTruth. This rebrand is soup to nuts. Siegel+Gale developed a visual identity for GroundTruth that was iconic. The design elevates the value of location—beyond the technology that underpins it—and humanizes it.

3. Artis Ventures Identity

DESIGN FIRM Hybrid Design, San Francisco; www.hybrid-design.com
CREATIVE TEAM Dora Drimalas, creative director; Patchara Charoensiri, art director/designer
CLIENT Artis Ventures
DETAILS Artis Ventures (AV) is a group of investors who have come together with the common cause to make the impossible possible. They passionately support and partner with socially conscious entrepreneurs that are driven to positively impact the world through disruptive technological innovation. The logo mark leverages the visual language of impossible forms to express the ambition, determination and vision of the group.

4. Bushi

DESIGN FIRM Patrick Finley Design, Christiansburg, VA; www.sova.vt.edu/faculty/pfinley
CREATIVE TEAM Patrick Finley, art director/designer
DETAILS Bushi (B-urrito & s-USHI) is an Asian fusion restaurant that combines Hawaiian flavors and contemporary Japanese techniques. Specializing in poke bowls and sushi burritos, the Bushi logo combines poke, sushi and a symbol for the pairing (through an ampersand).

5. Three Leafs

DESIGN FIRM transform design, Taipei, Taiwan; www.transform.tw/index.php
CREATIVE TEAM Kuo Yu Huang, art director; Suz Ling Shen, designer; Josh Chang, photographer
CLIENT Three Leafs
DETAILS Three Leafs is a tea brand that originated in Taiwan. Although Taiwan grows and produces many types of tea, oolong with one tip and two leaves is the best tea Taiwan has to offer. The firm designed this logo with the core value of this brand in mind and represented by three leaves:
1st leaf: The best quality
2nd leaf: The smooth taste
3rd leaf: The unique aroma

6. The Warsaw University of Technology Visual Identity

DESIGN FIRM Podpunkt studio, Warsaw, Poland; www.podpunkt.pl
CREATIVE TEAM Emilka Bojańczyk, art director; Magdalena Burdzyńska, Magdalena Dobruk, Michał Drabik, Diana Gawronkiewicz, Agnieszka Prus
CLIENT Warsaw University of Technology
DETAILS The WUT logo is based on typography. The idea—transforming the ‘W’ into “≥”—underlines the scientific character of the school but also reflects its position as one of the best universities in Poland. The “WUT” symbol rotated by 90 degrees becomes part of the school’s motto, “Imagination is ≥ than knowledge.” The identity introduces a coherent visual language for the whole University—comprising 20 faculties and many institutes. Each logo within the structure is typeset in Radikal WUT. Historical symbols of each faculty have been redrawn in a consistent linear style—now it is apparent that they represent the same University, all the while preserving their autonomy.

7. UAU AU Brand Design + Identity

DESIGNER Ricardo Colombo, Americana, São Paulo, Brazil; www.ricardocolombo.com
CLIENT UAU AU Pet Shower Móvel
DETAILS This brand design and identity system is for the fun and happy brand of a pet grooming service in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A versatile and clean design with a cheerful color palette was used to visually represent the happiness that dogs brings to their owners. Note about the naming: UAU means “WOW” in Portuguese, and AU is an onomatopoeia for barking, resulting in an original and great sounding name (at least in Portuguese (: ).

8. Wine Fellas

DESIGN FIRM CF Napa Brand Design, Napa, California; www.cfnapa.com
CREATIVE TEAM David Schuemann, creative principal; Kevin Reeves, creative director; Antonio Rivera, art director; Lisa Schuemann, designer
CLIENT Wine Fellas
DETAILS Wine Fellas is a Napa Valley–based wine club that offers curated wines that are natural, organic, biodynamic, farm-to-table, paleo-approved, chemical-free and low in sulfites. The logo solution was a tension of classic imagery that spoke to the rich European heritage of wine combined with a more modern new-world point-of-view that wines should be transparent about their contents and additives.

9. Woodward Foundation Logo

DESIGN FIRM Each + Every, Kent, Ohio; www.eachevery.com
CREATIVE TEAM Alex Catanese, art director; Gabe Schut, designer
CLIENT The Woodward Foundation
DETAILS The Woodward Foundation is a local philanthropic organization that provides funds to northeast Ohio nonprofits and community-focused institutions. Each + Every partnered with them to create a brand identity system that would establish a visual language about the Foundation and build on the established credibility. The Woodward Foundation identity was made to honor and embody the foundation’s namesake and benefactor, Josephine Woodward. She was sophisticated and elegant—best encompassed by the art deco movement. As a result, the identity suite is filled with crisp lines, deco-reminiscent patterns and a color palette that conveys grandeur and grace. The Woodward Foundation now has a memorable system for their organization, one that pays homage to Josephine and will serve them—as they’ve served the community—for years to come.

Winners in the Identity Application Category

1. Artsy Pops

DESIGN FIRM Mampostea’o, San Juan, Puerto Rico; www.mamposteao.com
CREATIVE TEAM Moisés Cruz, creative director; Luis González, Uriel García, designers
CLIENT Artsy Pops
DETAILS Artsy Pops is in the business of making ice cream popsicles that use only natural and fresh ingredients to create original flavors. The logo uses the popsicle as its basis and other elements in a pop art style. The Mampostea’o team loves that the ‘A’ becomes the popsicle, forming an iconic and minimalist logo with a friendly approach.

2. Aviatra Accelerators

DESIGN FIRM Hyperquake, Cincinnati; www.hyperquake.com
CREATIVE TEAM Holly Shoemaker, art director; Andria Mierzwiak, designer; Kelsey Bennett, Sherwood MacVeigh
CLIENT Aviatra Accelerators
DETAILS Over the years, Aviatra Accelerators, formerly known as Bad Girl Ventures, has evolved from a “ventures” company to a resource center that helps female entrepreneurs from ideation to exit and everything in-between. When the company began to see disconnect between their brand, name and function within the startup ecosystem, Hyperquake helped to put meaning to the strategic and visual connections between Aviatra Accelerators and the women they serve. The new name and logo embody the courageousness of war-era female pilots—strong, multifaceted, and upward-moving— traits that also live within the female entrepreneurs the company serves.

3. Hanigan & Johnson

DESIGN FIRM Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; www.testmonki.com
CREATIVE TEAM Suzy Simmons, chief creative officer/art director; Brad Petak, chief engagement officer; Gabby Nguyen, art director; Gabby Nguyen, designer; Brad Petak
CLIENT Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics
DETAILS Two orthodontics were partnering up and needed a new brand identity. Doing anything with a tooth was status quo and out of the question. Because both men are avid cyclists, Test Monki came up with a logo that made them both smile. It’s a bicycle that has both an ‘H’ and a ‘J’ inside it.

4. Humrun Logo

DESIGN FIRM Matchstic, Atlanta; www.matchstic.com
CREATIVE TEAM Brian Nelson, designer
DETAILS Humrun is a communication tool that quickly connects restaurants with service technicians when there’s a leak or a break, and keeps everyone on the team up to speed. The concept of maintaining the flow and humming along was first brought to life in the logo by the use of the continual line for the symbol, and then supporting it with a custom wordmark constructed from curves that felt genuine and approachable.

5. IRIF—Visual Identity for a Research Institute

DESIGN FIRM Podpunkt studio, Warsaw, Poland; www.podpunkt.pl
CREATIVE TEAM Magdalena Burdzyńska, designer
CLIENT Institut de Recherche en Infromatique Fondamentale
DETAILS This identity was created for a research laboratory—Institut de Recherche en Infromatique Fondamentale, cofounded by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the University Paris-Diderot. IRFIF focuses on the mathematical foundations of computer science; computational models and proofs; models, algorithms and system design. The logo was inspired by code on perforated tape.

6. Little White Tooth

DESIGN FIRM Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; www.testmonki.com
CREATIVE TEAM Suzy Simmons, chief creative officer; Brad Petak, chief engagement officer; Suzy Simmons, Gabby Nguyen, art directors; Gabby Nguyen, Sarah Wright, Sofi Cruz, designers
CLIENT Little White Tooth
DETAILS Test Monki wanted to do something sweet and timeless with the logo for a pediatric dentist. They kept the logo black and white and brought in a rainbow of eight colors. They also created a set of emoji facial expressions that go with each color.

7. Pop Ratio

DESIGN FIRM Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; www.testmonki.com
CREATIVE TEAM Suzy Simmons, chief creative officer/art director; Brad Petak, chief engagement officer; Sarah Wright, Sofi Cruz, designers
CLIENT Pop Ratio
DETAILS When chief engagement officer, Carla Gomez, approach Test Monki about naming and branding her new PR & Social Media company, the firm did a mental fist pump. Carla is an avid art lover, well-traveled, and always smiling. So of course Test Monki wanted her new brand to “pop.” The name stems from Latin roots of Populous and Ratio that mean “people” and “relationship.” And so, Pop Ratio was born. The team used thick black lines, paying homage to one of Carla’s favorite artists, Keith Haring, as well as to represent her strong connections with people. The bright colors represent Carla’s “pop” of energy and bright outlook. Cap that off with some clever copy, and they had a winner.

8. The Dental Market

DESIGN FIRM Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; www.testmonki.com
CREATIVE TEAM Suzy Simmons, chief creative officer/art director/designer; Brad Petak, chief engagement officer; Sofi Cruz, Gabby Nguyen, designers
CLIENT The Dental Market
DETAILS While planning to renovate his office, Dr. Jimmy Sarant knew that his brand identity was at a crossroads. To help differentiate in a way that would connect with existing and potential patients, Test Monki moved everything to a more upscale and modern feel that also paired appropriately with his local Raleigh, NC roots. They kept the logo simple, modern and timeless.

9. The Machine, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Vision for the Future of Computing

DESIGN FIRM Siegel+Gale, New York City; www.siegelgale.com
CREATIVE TEAM Anne Swan, executive creative director; Krista Oraa, associate creative director
CLIENT Hewlett Packard Enterprise
DETAILS The Machine is Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s vision for the future of computing, designed to bring the promise of Memory-Driven Computing. Working with HP Labs, Siegel+Gale helped craft the vision and identity for the Machine. The logo and proprietary typography they created for HPE signal that this is a new language and way of thinking about the fundamentals of computing technology. It’s designed to look like a futuristic, entirely new language to convey the innovative and forward-thinking nature of HPE’s technology solutions. The Machine’s visual identity is indicative of HPE’s imperative to remain agile, decisive and fast in an ever-changing world.