Meeting Project Objectives Creatively: In-House Award Winners

When you’re tackling a new work project, how do you approach it? Do you look around for some inspiration as you think about an approach? Do you break it into smaller pieces? Whatever your personal approach, it’s probably carries over into how you work with your team. Many teams take a “divide and conquer,” splitting up the parts that make the most sense or even giving pieces to people who excel at a particular task. Or others might have certain members of the team jump in at certain moments while one person takes the helm. Or maybe even a mix of the two.

Many teams take an “all hands on deck” approach, jumping in when needed and always putting forth the best effort. However you approach projects, you’re developing design solutions that stretch your creativity to meet project objectives in unexpected ways. That’s no easy feat when you’re dealing with serious subjects and clients who worry that one particular word might not get past legal. So how do in-house teams meet what may seem to be overly demanding or even dry objectives? Here are 4 projects from past In-House Design Awards winning teams that met their project’s objectives with creative thinking and a fresh approach.

The Donor Max Program: Making the Serious Fun


Donor Max created by Matt Brekke, Albert Winsman, Ben Hogan, Scott Bain, Danyelle Taylor, Julie Steven, Elena Reul, Reality Engineering Inc., Aerys

Created by the team at Terumo BCT, located in Lakewood, CO, this interactive project encourages those eligible to donate blood to, well donate. This serious subject, and personal one, called for a unique approach. Together, this team created an interactiver experience with original games, a video, pop quizzes, and more — all meant to help donors have fun while spending time in the waiting room. In this way, they show that a serious topic and an activity that may make some people squeamish and nervous, can be made into an enjoyable and approachable one with the right design solution.

Unbelievable Performances: Focusing on the Product

For the team at Perennials Fabrics in Dallas, it’s all about the threads. Charged with highlighting the high-performance of Perennials as well as its luxury status, the team got to work. While you might get scolded for being too literal, this team’s literal approach to “performance” was spot on. Along with photographer Geof Kern, they created this series of ads to incorporate a sense of elegance that also showcase the high-quality of the product itself — all with a bit of whimsy.


Created by Tom Nynas, Melissa Tetens, Geof Kern

Perennials_UnbelievablePerformances_1 Perennials_UnbelievablePerformances_2


The Annie Selke Companies Brand Book: Family-Friendly Design


Created by Jenny Wright, Monica Cleveland, Sean McLaughlin, Melissa Lillie, Emily Sadlowski, Robin Catalano

For the team at The Annie Selke Companies in Pittsfield, MA, they were charged with “bringing to life” their company’s mission statement and brands. And instead of creating an unenthusiastic brand book, they captured the “spirited, design-driven family of companies” with clean design, bright colors and high-end photography.

C_Annie-Selke-1 C_Annie-Selke-2

Milestones Exhibit Poster: Making “Ewww” Beautiful


Created by Jennifer Kennedy, Laura Farnen

Jennifer Kennedy and Laura Farnen took a cleaver approach for their organization, the William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History in Linthicum, MD. This team took what might be a bit cringe-worthy for some of you to create a beautiful poster. Doctors and urologists gather for an annual meeting, but they don’t always see the actual stones that cause their patients so much pain due to the nature of modern surgery (they stones are blasted to bits in the body). Through this photographic poster, the creative team highlights the beauty of the stones from a perspective the doctors don’t normally get to see.

No matter how you tackle your designs, you’re meeting your project’s objectives creatively — and doing so over and over again. The In-House Design Awards are a perfect place to showcase your team’s talent, and with categories covering everything from health care to consumer to entertainment, your work has a place to shine. Go ahead, and enter today.