5 Calligraphic-Inspired Fonts from Stone Type Foundry

Maybe it’s the inherently organic feel of hand-lettering or the warmth and style of calligraphy, but calligraphic typefaces remain as popular as ever with today’s graphic designers.

Clearly a reaction to the sharp, crisp digital world of bits and bytes, many designers look for typefaces that seem to speak on a more personal level. A talented calligrapher in his own right, renowned typeface and graphic designer Sumner Stone created a collection of typefaces that all convey the warmth of the calligrapher’s hand. Stone’s designs run the gamut from uncial to slab serif.

Calligraphic Fonts from Stone Type Foundry

Here are five different fonts from the Stone Type Foundry that feature affable, inviting, calligraphic typeface qualities that are sure to inspire:

ITC Stone® Sans II Family

The ITC Stone Sans II design is a newer version of the popular ITC Stone Sans typeface family. It was re-envisioned by Stone with assistance from Delve Withrington along with Jim Wasco of Monotype. The ITC Stone Sans II typeface has been subtly infused with an undertone of calligraphy to create an attractive and versatile sans-serif family.


Figure 1: ITC Stone® Sans II Family, Designer Sumner Stone, Design foundry ITC

Silica™ Family

The Silica typeface is a humanistic slab-serif design with a wide range of weights from extra light to black. The Silica design is an excellent choice for creating distinctive headlines and text copy.

Silica Monotype Fonts Dec 2013

Figure 2: Silica™ Family, Designer Sumner Stone, Design foundry Stone Type Foundry

Magma™ Family

The Magma typeface is a humanist sans-serif design based on Stone’s study of early Greek sans-serif letterforms. A naturally strong performer at text sizes, the Magma typeface’s fine details, like its subtly curved strokes, become apparent in large display settings. The extensive Magma family includes regular, condensed and compressed versions, providing designers with a large and versatile typographic palette.

Magma, Five Fonts, Monotype

Figure 3: Magma™ Family, Designer Sumner Stone, Design foundry Stone Type Foundry

Munc™ Family

The Munc typeface is an uncial companion to the Magma family. It was designed with the same stroke weights and cap heights as the Magma design, allowing the two typefaces to be combined in the same project.

Munc, Monotype five fonts, Dec 2013

Figure 4: Munc™ Family, Designer Sumner Stone, Design foundry Stone Type Foundry

Cycles™ Family

The Cycles typeface is an old style design, with different “optical” versions targeted for use at a particular point size. There are three text sizes and three display sizes, each with italics, and most with typographic features such as small caps, fractions and both old style and lining figures. The Cycles family was designed with legibility in mind, for use in books and publications, and virtually anywhere else an elegant serif face is appropriate.

Five Fonts: Cycles

Figure 5: Cycles™ Family, Designer Sumner Stone, Design foundry Stone Type Foundry