Register by Midnight for HOW Design Live

At the upcoming HOW Design Live in Chicago (May 4–8), there are several themes woven throughout the conference agenda. Not just the five separate programs — HOW Design, Leadership, Dieline Packaging, In House Management and Creative Business. Browse through the full program, and you’ll see broad ideas represented among the sessions:

Designer as Entrepreneur
If you’ve ever longed to pursue your own creative projects on the side, if you envision making a part-time or full-time living by making products, developing software, or writing and speaking, then you’re interested in design entrepreneurship. At HOW Design Live, you’ll hear from a number of speakers who’ve hatched their own creative enterprises, including Tina Roth Eisenberg (of Tattly and swissmiss, among other businesses), Angie Myung and Ted Vadakan of Poketo, and Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE magazine.
angie-myungBetter Collaboration
Lousy teamwork can derail the best design project (think: poorly run meetings, ineffective feedback, clunky brainstorm sessions). HOW Design Live speakers are on tap to help you improve your collaboration, whether you’re an indie or part of an in-house team. Check out Stefan Mumaw’s workshop, “Anatomy of a Brainstorm,” Sam Harrison’s session, “Bringing Sanity to Meeting Madness,” and Mark McGuiness on “How to Handle Rejection & Criticism.”

stefan-mumawThe Value of Design
Whether you’re a solopreneur or small-agency owner or a corporate design manager working with other business colleagues, you have to constantly prove the value of your work. HOW Design Live features smart sessions on pricing, negotiation and building your reputation as an in-house team. These sessions will help you put more money in your pocket and increase the respect others have for your work.

tim-coxIf you want to pave the way for a bold design career, if you seek to improve the way you work, if you hope to shine a spotlight on the value of what you do — then HOW Design Live is your place to learn and grow.

Here’s the thing: Early Bird registration ends at midnight. So be sure to register today and save $300 on your Big Ticket — our biggest and best registration package. (Can’t make the full five days? Check out the one- and two-day packages.)

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