Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss HOW Design Live

HOW Design Live‘s Early Bird Registration deadline is February 3 — which means you still have a few days to sign up for this career-changing event at the best rate of the year (a savings of $300). Still need some convincing? Here are our Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss HOW Design Live this year:

1) You’ll see your design heroes.
Think about the leading designers whose work you’ve admired for years, people like Paula Scher, Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand. You’ll get new insights into how these folks think and work.


2) You’ll see your next design heroes.
At HOW Design Live, you’ll hear from a new generation of design leaders, people who are breaking new ground, whose work you’ll still admire years from now.

3) You’ll discover the latest and greatest.
HOW Design Live’s Exhibit Hall is a hive of activity throughout the event. Check out new stock image collections, gather paper samples, discover new design tools and technology, collect some cool swag. Design’s leading purveyors, partners and providers, all in one place.

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4) You’ll hear from the experts.
Experts both inside and outside the design field, including business and leadership guru Tom Peters, researcher and author Dr. Brené Brown, creativity expert Simon Sinek,

5) You’ll make a ton of friends.
At HOW Design Live, you’ll immediately connect with other designers — people who get what you do. Even if you’re an introvert, you’ll fit right in, right away. “HOW is the only conference I’ve been to where you’re not a fly on the wall for long,” says speaker Justin Ahrens. “You start conversations right away.”

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6) You’ll meet the speakers.
In its 25-year history, HOW has been known for connecting attendees with speakers. “I love it when attendees come up after I speak or stop me in the hallway to say hello or ask a question. All HOW speakers I know feel the same way,” says multi-year speaker Sam Harrison.

7) You’ll get the inside scoop.
Ever wonder what it’s like to design for brands like Coca-Cola, Hershey and Kraft Foods? Or the White House? In-house design leaders will give you an inside look at working in their worlds.

8) You’ll expand your knowledge.
Branding. Business. Marketing. These days, designers have to know more than logos and printing and website architecture. You have to back up your technical and creative chops with business strategy. HOW Design Live’s program is an intensive workshop in those strategic skills.

9) You’ll get energized.
Feeling in a creative slump? Want to take your career to new levels? Need a dose of inspiration? HOW Design Live is a cure for your creative woes. With thousands of designers gathered in one place, you’ll leave with a significant recharge to those creative batteries.

10) You’ll be a better designer.
HOW Design Live has one simple goal: To help you do your best work and build a career filled with joy and passion.

Register by February 3 and save on your Big Ticket, which gives you access to every workshop, session, event, party and activity, along with session audio and handouts. Can’t make the full 5 days? You’ll find 1- and 2-day options as well. Sign up today, before rates increase.