7 thoughts on “5 Top Tips for Logo Design

  1. stevandavvis

    These are some great tips mentioned here in this post. You always need to develop your discovery into a unique structure so that you can be able to bring into a shape of a great logo. Trends are one of the basic things that you need to look for better understanding of the current scenario.

  2. kylemills

    You always need to design your own discovery into a unique concept so that you will be able to get more shapes of a great custom logo. Such trends are the basic requirements which you will have to look for your understanding.

  3. Nice Branding

    Great article! I love how your first tip is discovery because so many designers jump right in and start working to create something great before even understanding the goal. Getting down to the bare bones of what the company stands for is crucial. We’ve compiled a few tips for great logo design as well over on our blog. Check it out when you have a chance. https://nice-branding.com/logo-design-tips/