Top Work and Top Tips from Creative Director David Lesué

The HOW In-House Design Awards deadline is 11:59pm EDT on Monday, June 5. Enter today to ensure your team is under consideration for a free Big Ticket registration to HOW Design Live 2018, a main-stage trophy presentation and a spot in the Winter 2017 issue of HOW magazine!

A couple of weeks ago, we revealed two judges of the 2017 HOW In-House Design Awards. Today, we’re excited to announce the third and final judge …

David Lesué, creative director at Workfront and former Adobe designer

David Lesué, Workfront

Lesué has been working professionally as a graphic designer, UX designer and creative director for the last 15 years. At Workfront, he leads the efforts of the creative service team—including web, print and video—and as owner of the apparel brand Stately Type, he gets to explore another side of business and startup culture. A sought-after speaker, Lesué has spoken at many conferences—in fact, some of you may have attended his session at HOW Design Live just last month. 

As we near the deadline for entering your team’s best work in the HOW In-House Design Awards (June 5!)—so that Lesué, Ximena O’Reilly and Nathaniel Axios can have a look—we asked Lesué to share a few pieces of his own work that he’s most proud of. (And we’re super excited to see that his illustration for HOW Design Live made the cut!)

April 2017 flyer, with design by Matt Broome

work by David Lesué, Workfront

LEAP Conference Guide: with design by Matt Broome


State of Enterprise Work, with design by Ryan Braman


Why Workfront: with design by Matt Broome


And in the spirit of always doing our best work— regardless of whether we’re gearing up to enter a design competition 😉 —we asked Lesué to share his top design tips with us:

Lesué’s Top 3 Tips for In-House Designers

  1. Design is problem solving—spend most of your time studying the problem. Don’t jump to the solution. Solutions will become obvious once you truly understand the problem.
  2. Embrace the fact that there many solutions to any design problem. Your solution is only one of many potential solutions.
  3. Focus on CX. The client is not your enemy—for better or worse, they are your partner and they probably understand the problem better than you do.


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