A New Collection of Quotes for Creatives


Meow: Treat Ideas Like Cats is out today from HOW Books and Adams Media! Please allow me to geek out for a moment and share this gratuitously large image of the cover:



So! What is this book?

This is a book for designers. This is a book for writers. This is a book for artists, musicians, actors, and maybe even the imaginative dentist.

As all creatives know, the creative process doesn’t always come as easily as we’d like. Sometimes it’s as vast and laden with as much power, mystery and depth as the ocean. Other times it’s more like the Dust Bowl in the Dirty 1930s.

Back when I was a teenager, I began pulling quotes from my favorite books. Quotes from my favorite films. Quotes from my favorite creatives. I became a collector (hoarder?) of quotes, and maintained an active archive in a long-since filled journal. And over the years, I never stopped.

Why? OCD, probably. But more importantly because I discovered that quotes possess a kind of Shamanistic power. The raw output of brilliant works and brilliant minds, they inspire a kindling for my own creative process, and that of many others I know. Whenever I’m stymied, I turn to my (now absurdly long) digital scroll-and one way or another, it always comes through, and helps ignite the creative corridors of my brain.

It is my hope that this book will do the same for you.

Here, awesomely illustrated and given the space they deserve, are 182 wisdoms from some of the most brilliant people to have walked the earth.

Designers, writers, artists, dentists (maybe)—I’ve often thought that we all might just have the same creative core within us.

This book celebrates that creative core—and in a pinch, might even jumpstart it.

Here’s a sneak peek at the book, with illustrations by the awesome Serene Lusano. Check the rest out over at MyDesignShop.